Nerf Urban Combat 101 (Basic Nerf Article)

Urban Combat 101: An Article by Vigilante

In this first article by me I will give you the basics and factors you should be aware of when playing in an Urban Environment. I am using screenshots from videos recorded by me from games played at my school to help illustrate my points.

1. Your Environment

Know your environment. Knowing the environment allows you to use it to your advantage and avoid disaster areas such as a floor full of glass. Why would you play on a floor full of glass anyways? Know the size of your area so you know how far your guns can engage and engagement points. Know escape routes, and know where the boundaries are in games.

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2. Cover

I assume that since you are reading this you will be playing in some sort of Urban place. Use the cover that the environment provides you. Anything that blocks darts from hitting you I consider cover. Use trashcans, benches, and corners to protect yourself. If possible and not against the game rules feel free to move the cover to a position that better suits you.

3. Positioning

In this picture you the game is starting off and these two players are rushing to the trash cans so get cover and position. In the picture used for “Cover” you can see these two players positioned behind the trash cans. Their position allows them to hold down the hallway and not allow members from the opposition to not move up the hallway. I have found that when playing in certain environments getting first to a certain position and establishing yourself allows tremendous advantage over the other team. However the other team maybe faster then you or your team, and that is where speed comes in. Losing or not establishing Position breaks down your defense and sends teams into chaos. Important Parts of establishing Positioning are also Teamwork and Communication.

A player with a Raider has breached their permitter and is establishing Position for his team.

4. Speed

Speed is an important factor in winning Nerf games and Nerf in general. Most opponents with better range will simply go down to a weapon with a greater rate of fire after a shot or two is dodged by the offensive player. Greater speed allows you to get to positions quicker and escape attackers. If your fast enough you can go on the offensive or sneak up on other players before they even know what hit them. This is what some people call Flanking or Rushing.

5. Rushing

I remember this game well. I was recording and I yelled go. The team at the top of the hall way takes to long to establish Position. And when they finally do a player from the other team runs around the corner and gets one of them in the eye, which in this case is consider a headshot or one shot kill. Even if you games are not played by these rules you can either barrel tap or you are still in a Position to full them full of darts.

Was the rushing player here just lucky? Or was he aware of the other teams Position and used his Speed to get into position to get the headshot off? Was it bad communication by this poor guy’s teammates? Possibly but I think it is a combination of the first two factors mentioned in the sentence.

When preformed correctly Rushing or Flanking can be deadly. For example if you see that opponent is reloading or his gun is jammed that would be a good time to rush. When flanking try to remain quiet and get them on the side or their back. Try not to stay for prolonged periods of time when Rushing or Flanking. Most of the times it will drag into a longer fight with another team member of theirs coming to join the fight. Then the simple one on one from behind becomes two vs. one straight face to face.

6. Corners

Watch out for corners. Who knows whats around the corner? Don’t just run around a corner hugging it, unless you know your Environment that is. If your being cautious just peak around a Corner first then scan for threats. And when moving around a corner try to stay as far away from it as you can to avoid possible threats.

This concludes my first article for this site. If you liked it please comment and tell me what you would like to see an article on next!


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