Alpha Trooper CS-18 Jamming Problems

Man I’m having some problems with BOTH of the Alpha Troopers I just bought. You can check the video above for details, but basically if you try moving the handle back slowly and then try moving it back up, it’ll get stuck.
I posted this topic last night at Nerf Haven asking for help, and got some answers. After some experiments and alot of dry-firing (WHICH IS BAD FOR THE GUNS!) I discovered that if the gun gets stuck, push, or perhaps slam, the grip back, and then push it back up. This should “unjam” it. All the above stuff talked about is in the video above.

jakejagan of Nerfhaven made a good point.

You need to pull the grip as far back as possible. This happened when I was using mine. A piece inhibits the “bolt” from going forward to shoot unless it is pushed ALL the way back.

Just try pulling it back near you ear and keep pulling until you here a small “click” noise. If it still doesn’t work, return it.

I made a note of that, tried some stuff, and posted this back.

Hmmm well it looks like my problem is still there. The only way to stop it is to make sure I pull the grip back with enough force, and if it gets stuck I push the grip up a bit and then slam it back. That allows it to move back up.

Most of the time though, I don’t get enough force if I pull it back slowly. So if I want to pull it back slowly, I have to make sure I put some force behind it so it won’t get stuck. Even if I hear the small noise when I pull it back slowly, without enough force on the pull back, it’ll get stuck again. So it seems like you can’t be too soft with this gun.

jakejagan How is your going doing with being soft and what not?

Let’s see what him and others have to say later.


13 thoughts on “Alpha Trooper CS-18 Jamming Problems”

  1. i think itas a glitch in the slam fire i have had it heppen while using a raider and tried to slam fire a deploy and had a similar resault i think its just some of them and its jsut loose internals or a bad batch.


    1. Quite possibly. I just bought a new Alpha Trooper for my friend’s birthday and it didn’t have that problem.

      Also Deploys can not be slam fired, so don’t try or you get problems haha.


  2. i had a similar problem – sometimes during extended slam firing, during which i pull the slam fire grip as far back and forward as possible and hard, the thing jams in with the handle in the forward position. The only way to get it unjammed is to tug hard on it. I fear I may be doing damage. The video reply has crappy audio and I can’t hear what he’s saying. Am I doing damage when I muscle through the jam and pull the thing back?


    1. I had exactly the same problem with mine. What i did was i grabbed hold of the bit that was stuck and holding it verticalpy i wacked the black bit at the other end on the floor reallllyyyyyy hard and that got it working again :D


  3. Yeah, it happens to me. The problem isnt the gun, it’s the drum. The drum’s rotation accidentally pushes the next dart in between the clip and the barrel. If you want, you could go and buy the standard clip. This way the gun will jam WAYYYY less often. Or you could shoot slowly which decreases the jam frequency by only a tiny bit.


  4. Ok guys. So my gun isnt suck at the back its stuck at the front and wont let me pull it back no matter how hard i try, got any advice for this??


    1. Well you could try taking it apart and trying to fix it. It’s happened to me as well, and usually thats what I have to do to fix it. I don’t condone modding, but in emergencies like this you gotta do stuff yourself to try and fix it.


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