The 3 Precision Blasters (Vigilante Article)

When is comes down to it, what do we want most in our Nerf Guns? It’s just gotta be accuracy right? Without that, your not hitting anything. Don’t get me wrong, rate of fire is nice as well, but at the end of the day can you make your gun hit the target? If not, then maybe your not using the correct gun. Different guns have different uses, but if you want accuracy, then any one of the three guns below should do the trick.

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I just had to bring it back with the old school Blue Nite Finder. You’ll most likely see the Yellow ones in stores though. This gun comes equipped with a pull back ring to load the gun, and two holes in the bottom to hold any sort of dart. In it’s normal stock mode, it will fire any kind of dart EXCEPT Streamline darts. It has great accuracy in it’s stock form. Removing the air restrictor gives it more range, but it will lose some accuracy. Still, if your into modding your guns, then removing the ARs is worth it. It also comes with an N-Strike rail.

Perhaps the only dis-advantage is the rate of fire. Your only going to be firing about 1 dart every 3 seconds. Other then that it’s a great gun. Cheap (only $10), durable, easy to mod, easy to find and reliable.

Yes, the classic gun the Maverick. There isn’t much that needs to be said. Almost everyone has this. 6 shot chamber, can use every dart, decent rate of fire, cheap ($10), and it’s accurate. The only complaint is that the chambers don’t come out far enough when reloading, but once again modding can fix that.

The only things I don’t like about this gun is that 6 shots just isn’t enough in most of the battles I play in and the fact that you can only reload one bullet at a time through a limited amount of space sometimes had me fumbling my darts and gun during heated battles. Also if your into the N-Strike Rail, it’s poorly placed on the pull back lever of the gun. If you can get over these things then it’s a good gun. The next gun though, is even better.

The Fury Fire. This gun was actually not made in the N-Strike line. It was made for the Dart Tag line, and is the primary Dart Tagger used in their games. This gun is simply great. It holds 10 darts, one in each chamber, and it’s internals are based on the Mavericks. The only difference is that it’s sealed better so there is more air flow behind the dart, allowing it go farther. It is pump handled like a shotgun, allowing more a faster rate of fire.

The reloading is much easier. Like the Maverick, pull the trigger automatically advances the turret around. It’s sides are also open giving you easier access to reload your gun. It can use every single type of dart as well. If you like the rail also comes with an N-Strike rail at the top. The only downsides are the price ($40 for two guns,two vests, and two goggles). But if you split the price with a friend, it becomes a reasonable $20. Also since the side turrets are exposed, be careful not to drop the gun and damage them.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the Fury Fire. The orange is the better looking one in my eyes. Which of these guns do you like? Dis-agree with this article? Leave a comment so we can read it!

6 thoughts on “The 3 Precision Blasters (Vigilante Article)”

  1. As an experienced HvZ moderator/player– I have to admit, the NF is simply amazing. I recently bought one this summer and added an Ace #49 spring instead of the stock spring, and used some springs from my Maverick to strengthen the catch springs. It hits about 50 feet consistently and fires streamlines as well.

    I cannot say much positive things about the maverick. The internals do not allow good modding for it, and it tends to jam frequently. Whenever a ZED sees a maverick in HvZ, it is as if they are looking at an unarmed human.


  2. If you leave your unused hand on the slide of the Maverick (your main hand on the handle), you can get off shots about every 0.33 secs.


  3. I’m gonna to have to agree with Jesse Jennings. As another HvZ player, a maverick is better than nothing-but not by much. Also, classic sign of new players, primary is Maverick. They die, early.


  4. Thanks for the comments guys. I was referring to Urban Combat and Urban Nerfing with when making this article. HvZ was not in mind.

    I have very little experience with this game, so I can not say how effective the Maverick is in the game.


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