Pinpoint Sight Review (Basic Nerf Write Up)

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That promised Nerf Pin Pint Review is finally here. I talk about it’s good, it’s bad, and some tips and tricks to using this sight to your advantage. Hit the jump if you wanna check out this surprisingly good item.

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The simple back of the package

The Nerf Pin Point Sight is a simple, plastic Tactical Rail accessory item that is used as an item to help aiming. The “target” is a plastic slab in which 2 Triple A (AAA) batteries power a laser that shines into the center to place your Red Dot in the middle of the cross hairs and help simulate a red dot sight.

The package also comes with 10 Suction Darts, which is a nice little bonus.

And there ya go, it’s as simple as that. Don’t go judging this item on it’s packaging though. Theres some reasons why I think that this is worth your $10.

I remember my first game with this item. Around the time it came out I attached it with my Fury Fire and proceeded to play. I was disappointed with it and then shoved it in my closet, then months later I messed around with it, PUT BATTERIES IN IT, and proceeded to love it. It was an immediate improvement.

I also remember playing back then and thought I could just adjust the shots if they were too high, low, etc. However without batteries powering this item, in the heat of battle it was very hard to adjust your shots for the next time you fired. I would make a mental note, then pop out and, while trying to dodge darts coming my way and with adrenaline pumping through me, I would have to try to fire through the center of the target and hit whatever was in the center.

That actually takes a good amount of attention and concentration to your weapon and sight to get off an accurate shot. In battle, you need all the time you can get. Powering this accessory and using the Laser eliminates or lessens the above factors I have mentioned.

For one, it lessens the need to concentrate and focus on your target. Just put the Laser Dot on the target and fire, it really makes thing that simple. The dart won’t go 100 percent of course, but using the sight helps you aim straighter. Most, if not all other, require you to aim down then, focus on the enemy, and then pull the trigger.

The sight helps again helps you aim, just place the Lasered sight over the target and pull the trigger, you should hit some part of them. Isn’t that better then pulling this out un-powered, aiming into the middle of the cross hairs, and then pulling the trigger and firing? Or is just pulling this out powered, putting the Laser into the target, and firing faster?

Theres also an intimidation factor to this. Staring at a Laser Sight can make you feel like your being hunted. The color red is said to be an intimidating color. I don’t think anyone would like to look into a Laser Sight.

Thats basically it from me. The point being power this thing with batteries so you can use the Laser Sight. If you don’t, your just holding back the true potential of this item.

I would give this item a 7.5-8/10. It’s not necessary, but I would highly recommend it if your a “hardcore” Nerfer who plays in doors with their usual Max 30 Feet areas.


6 thoughts on “Pinpoint Sight Review (Basic Nerf Write Up)”

    1. I’ve heard in Singapore there’s a Toys R Us promotion where if you buy a certain amount of Nerf items, you get a Pin point sight.

      Otherwise, I haven’t heard of any other place in the world where this is out at the moment.


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