The Longshot Tenets (Humans vs. Zombies Forum Tips)

tenetsplural of ten·et
Noun: A principle or belief, esp. one of the main principles of a religion or philosophy

Folks at the HvZ Forums came up with some basic, simple tips involving this gun. You can check them out, or hit the jump to read them here.

You just heard about an awesome game called HvZ, and you signed up immediately. You grab your keys and you haul ass to Wal-Mart, unfortunately setting a record in the process for largest speeding ticket fine ever recorded by your local police.

Its 4AM, but you don’t give a zombie’s ass. The fluorescent glow of sub-par lighting shines upon the Nerf section of the toy aisle. It’s been a long day, but you still have a decision to make: Which Bloody One Should You Get?

After that 4-digit speeding ticket, you’re low on funds. You grab a nitefinder, because somehow you know on some subconscious level that it is necessary. Your gaze then moves over the other options, when suddenly your eyes alight on the blaster you were destined to be with, for this is…

The Longshot Tenets!

Alright, all cheesiness aside, the Longshot is arguably one of the most versatile blasters Nerf produces. So, down to business.

#1: Sniper?
NO. This is not negotiable. Accept this and move on.

#2: Modification Madness/Integration Insanity
Ho-ly Shit. The Longshot has been modified to do everything except your taxes. As one of the larger blasters, you have plenty of room to work with.
Modifying A Longshot?, Here’s the thread you need…
Go Here

#3: Ammo
Buy yourself some clips, because you’re going to need ‘em. They can be mounted on the blaster, nestled in a pouch, kept on a vest, you get the idea. When you buy a refill pack, you can get the one with the flip clip or the bandolier. Get the bandolier.

#4: The Front Gun
Throw it out, sell it, just do what you need to do to get rid of it.

#5: Your Accessories: You Will Not Need Them
A flashlight will be necessary if your game has missions at night, but that is it. Consider removing the tacticool rail altogether.

#6: Bipod
Get rid of this too. It is pointless.

So there you go. Whether you carbine it, single it, silence it, or clusterfuck it, your Longshot is your rifle; you will not give it a girl’s name, because that is clichéd. Feel free to use other blasters, as life is too short to stick to one blaster. Just remember when the chips are down and zombies are hungry that it’ll be there for you.

Fin… but not really.

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