Clear Raider/Raider Review (Basic Nerf Write Up)

Raider 1
Sale at Target for $27 plus $5 coupon makes this $22 Raider a good deal!

It’s been a little over a year since Nerf released their famous, promoted 9/9/2009 gun. Can you believe it’s been a year already? Does the Raider stand the test of time? How does it compare to newer blasters? Is this blaster worth the normal $30 USA tag? Check the review and find out!

I don’t need to give this blaster much of an introductory post. It’s unique 35 round drum already makes this a unique item. The clear edition allows you to see through the blaster and also lets you see into the drum and see how many darts are in it. The Target special deal supplements this with 35 Red Darts, another unique thing about this blaster.

Raider 5
Red Darts

What is also popular with this item is the adjustable, solid stock. This blaster was also the first to have “Slam Fire”. With it’s high dart count, high rate of fire, and clip system capability, it was a popular item for a long time. For many it replaced the Recon due to these factors. However, the first blaster of it’s kind is not the perfect one.

Raider 3
The Clear Raider Stock on the Alpha Trooper

Due to it’s placement of the handle, users may experience a bit of awkwardness holding it compared to other Nerf Blasters. The placement and grip on the handle allow for rapid fire, but the design meant you would have to expose yourself just a little bit more then normal to fire. Also due to the length of it and the insertion point of the drum, it is a little harder then normal to maneuver indoors or in close combat. The drum fully loaded also bring some weight to this blaster. It’s not much, but smaller kids or weaker people may find it a bit left side heavy.

Users, and myself included, have complained about the low range, drum rotating problems, and frequent amount of jams. I started Nerfing in mid 2009, and when I got it last year I was expecting the greatest thing. Now that a year has passed, and I’ve become more experienced in Nerf, this blaster is not such a bad item.

First off, we have to realize that this was the first blaster of it’s kind. It also brought along with it it’s 35 Dart Clip System Dart Drum, which no other blaster has, a great ally on your side during battles. That is the largest clip system capacity that we have. It’s ranges hit about 20 feet consistently, and the ability to let off a good amount of darts in little time with a stable, detachable stock give it points here as well. Using newer darts should eliminate the jamming problem, and making sure the darts don’t touch the plastic in the back should also help the drum rotate.

With this blaster being out for a year, Nerf has made various deals including the Raider coming with clips or two drums instead of one. It’s availably (I’ve seen it at Kmart, Target, and Walmart), hardware (drum, detectable solid stock), and release date makes it revolutionary for it’s time. I give it an 8/10, but some slight problems drop it half a point to 7.5/10. It’s still a solid choice to use in Nerf Wars.

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