Through in the Boroughs Trailer (Video)

My friends at church and I played Nerf for the first time sometime in May 2009. It wasn’t with Nerf guns, it was with Buzz Bee. I planned to take our footage from that day, and the following summer’s footage and make a video called Through in the Boroughs. For some reason, I never got around to making the video. However I did make a trailer, shown above, featuring a Gang Starr song and Toonami Megamix song.

The trailer showed how we first started playing. I put two teams of two players in different spots in church, and then called the other team while with one team to start the game. I also dumped their ammo out so they had to ammo up first to play. This trailer also features game footage, little bit of arguing, and our first ever “Riot shield” rush with folding steel chairs to deal with a team camping upstairs. I end the trailer there, and haven’t really edited this project too much.

Maybe I can make a late 2010 or 2011 release? Dang I feel like I’m talking about this thing like it was the 90s or something.


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