Whats coming for Basic Nerf in 2011?

In this little post, I’ll give you the readers a little sneak peak at whats coming up for the rest of the year and 2011 as well. I’ll also address some issues with this blog and you the reader as well.

First off, according to my poll the option that got picked the most was the articles and reviews. I’ll be sure to continue that in the future. A few of my upcoming projects are about:

Nerf and it’s faucet
Nerf and the Holidays
Is duel wielding Barricade’s a good option?/Barricade review
Nerf Tactics perhaps?
Part 3 of my Stampede Articles (A battle used and tested review)
Fury Fire review
Nite Finder review
Reviews for some Buzz Bee toys
Something similar to my Urban Combat article.
Possibly a new layout and banner in 2011.
More online expansion (Youtube, Facebook etc etc)
and many more!

Posts will continue to include videos, new information, and the occasional deal that I spot. Lets talk about some stuff on a more serious note.

1. My constant delays of articles. I apologize greatly for this. It must be frustrating. From now on I’ll only announce article release dates if I’m certain their coming out that day.

2. The lack of community here. I know I get a good amount of viewers, but my poll regarding people’s favorite things about the blog got only 42 votes. That was even with it being stickied as the top post for a couple of days. The comment form on WordPress is also easy to use, arguably more easier then Blogspot’s. You people don’t have to comment on everything single thing, but how do I know if you like an article when no one is commenting about it? It’s discouraging.

Please comment guys, it is greatly appreciated. I’m doing this for you.

3. Our one year anniversity is coming up! So if you’ve been here since the beginning, this is for you. Perhaps we can arrange some sort of prize give away?

Thanks for reading this post, and I wish you a happy and safe December in 2010.

6 thoughts on “Whats coming for Basic Nerf in 2011?”

  1. Hey man! Congrats on the upcoming year of blogging! It’s amazing how much the community (both modder and non-modder alike) has grown, much less how much Hasbro/Nerf kinda open the doors for us. In any event, don’t get disheartened cause people don’t comment! The most important thing to keep in mind is to write for yourself, believe in what you write, and people pick up on it through your posting.

    Here’s to more years of nerf!



  2. Jesus Christ there is plenty of spammy comments on this web page. Have you actually thought about trying to eliminate them or putting in a plugin?


    1. Is there really? I apologize for that. WordPress already has an antispam program built into their blogs. This past year I’ve been checking every comment that gets posted myself and the ones that get past the spam filter. The blog is over two years old though, so I guess some have got through.

      Although I googled your same words and other blogs get VERY similar responses,soo not sure if troll or bot.


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