Buzz Bee Rapid Fire Tek Review (Basic Nerf Write Up)

I’m guessing most of you weren’t expecting this review. In this write up review, I’ll be reviewing how well of a battle blaster this is as well I’m give tips on how to use and maintain this. I’ll also look back at some memories with this in 09′ and share them with you the readers. I played my first “Nerf Game” with this as my weapon. I’ve played a good amount of games with this and seen others use at as well. With my usage of it and record of it being my first “Nerf Gun” I have a lot of good and bad things to say about it.

First off this blaster uses a “clip system” similar to the Nerf Recon’s. The only difference is is that this blaster uses shells to hold the darts while serving as an air restricter. You place six shells with the darts into the clip, pull the lever, and fire off a dart. I guess the purpose was to serve as a toy and something realistic at the same time. It’s been compared to the Winchester Model 1873. That mechanism is really hit or miss though. You could love it because it’s fun to use. Or you could hate it because when reloading and using this blaster, a couple of things can go wrong.

First if you don’t pull the lever back all the way the dart coming up into the chamber will hit the tube that gets pulled back and it will get stuck. If you’ve been modding and painting this, paint inside the blaster often makes it easier to jam. Plus you have to put the darts into the shells. That raises up even more problems managing extra things during Nerf games and clean ups. Imagine trying to put six darts into six shells in the heat of battle. It’s not an easy thing.

What also hinders this is the length of this blaster. Compared to my Alpha Trooper, it’s a little bit longer then it. Also the Alpha Trooper has a fully extended Raider stock on it as well. With a length like this it’s a bit rough to handle around corners and especially in tight spaces. It’s also doesn’t have much of an aiming sight.

Please note don’t paint your blasters black for safety reasons. People might think their real. I did this back when I was a noob.

Another problem is that for some reason the lever gets stuck. My friends and I have gone through about five of these rifles and all the levers have gotten stuck. Sometimes there stuck in a down position, others in the upright position. I’m sure we could open all these up and figure out why their doing this, but I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble. We’ve treated them all reasonably well and it’s happened to all of them. Thats including the one pictured above. This shouldn’t happen and is a big turn off if I wanted to buy this and money was a big issue.

The support for this blaster is little to none. I’ve seen packs that come with shells and darts, but no separate clips for sale. If you wanted more clips you would need to buy more of these blasters. It’s not all bad though. It’s fires reasonably far (25-30 feet) and surprisingly straight. It’s gives a good smack when it hits it’s target as well. Jams can be cleared at a decent rate and with a relative amount of ease.

During battle however the length, rate of fire, jams, and ammo system hold it back. You may have trouble fumbling with shells, or even finding extra clips to buy and use. Unfortunately that’s about all that this blaster has going for it. It’s out classed and out speed by many other blasters out there on the market today. But when it’s almost two years old and based on a 18th century weapon, what can you expect?

If you can look past it’s problems I would give it a 6/10. If your keeping the problems in mind I reward it a 5/10. It has it’s uses, but theres other blasters that do a better job at them.

Trailer for a video that I never got around to editing. Features footage of some of our first Nerf games. Also features this blaster in use.


10 thoughts on “Buzz Bee Rapid Fire Tek Review (Basic Nerf Write Up)”

  1. I have one of these too, and I just wanted to comment that my lever has never gotten stuck. I think you just need to work the lever a lot and get it loosened up. Also, mine might be a 1-in-a-million gun, but the little sights on mine, when lined up well, were accurate to the maximum range of the gun, not counting drop. I only ever tested this indoors so that may be part of it. Single loading it and keeping distance between your team and/or using teammates to cover you, you can become a force to be reckoned with. However, the internals of the gun are rather fragile, as is the truth with most Buzz Bee guns of late. That’s just my 2 cents.


  2. A useful basic write-up – poking around on the ‘net had me unsure of what this was, and now I know.


    Oh, and 1873 is in the 19th Century. The 17th Century was 1601-1700. :)


  3. Stupid fucking gun I bought one just today and right out of the package the spring from the mag was out of place, I fixed it then the thing wouldn’t fire at all and broke the brand new bullets
    Thanks alot for the perfect quality of your gun buzzbeefrickintoys! Also 2 yes TWO of my friends bought this and both got jammed


  4. got two of these together & love them. i even use them as old school single shot rifles – just load a shell in the breech & fire! :D this is my secondary weapon to my nerf deploy, with a maverick for a sidearm. for high rate-of-fire games this isnt what you want, but rof is only important when every other noob carries automatic battery powered stampedes & shit.

    love the gun. end of story


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