Nerf Christmas Presents (Basic Nerf Article)

With Christmas coming up soon, I’ve put together a list of items related to Nerf that should bring joy to the receiver. My 3 categories include what to get for a new Nerfer, gifts for people looking to get better, and some stuff for the person who has it all. For the hardcore Nerf players, I’ll also list some items that aren’t quite Nerf blasters, and some gift ideas that relate to Nerf.

Christmas is nearly here. If you haven’t gotten around to your shopping, or don’t know what to get, may I recommend some Nerf items?

1. Introducing people to Nerf

The holidays are a special time that can create some intimate moments with other people. It’s also an opportunity to spread the joy of Nerf. However no one wants to buy stuff just to buy stuff. You want it to be good and not too expensive. Heres some blasters that can help you with that goal.

The Nite Finder

It’s a cheap, effective blaster. Veterans know about it already. It has good range, cheap ($10), and very easy to find. I’ve seen it in Target, Walmart, Kmart, CBS Pharmacy, and Rite Aid. The simple pullback ring makes it an easy to use toy for all ages. It also comes in the new Clear Series look. The Target clear version even comes with 3 Red Darts. For the modding community, there are also a good amount of mods and integrations that you can use with this blaster.

The Maverick

The dart blaster which most people recognize. Out of the box it comes with good stock range, and there are a good amount of mods to improve it, insuring this gift will last a long time. Even with the numerous problems (jams, misfires, chambers not rotating all the way) proper usage and a fully functioning Maverick should negate this. Worst case thing you can buy another one ($10) or open it and fix it your self. Also comes in a Clear Series look, with exclusive Target Red Darts if you buy it at Target. The look and feel are fun as well.

Tek 6/Tek 10

Not technically a “Nerf Blaster” but still a good blaster to use. It’s also fun as well. Has a good rate of fire and very easy to use. Take your pick on which one your want to buy, or try to find that pack pictured above. It’s a bit hard to aim with them, but solid choices I would say.

2. Blasters for the Improving Players

Say your receiver of the gift wants blasters so he can do better in games or the current ones he has just aren’t doing it for him. I have a couple in mind.

Stampede ECS

The normal retail price is about $50 USA dollars. But recently I’ve seen sales in all places bring it down to $40. The three 18 dart clips and one 6 dart clip that come with it are a definite plus and are capable with any clip system Nerf blaster. It’s rapid fire abilities and shield make it a force to be reckoned with at Nerf wars (not including ones where people have crazy mods, haven’t actually been to those ones). Theres also deals at Costco for four of the 18 dart clips and two of the 6 dart clips in the package. I’ve also heard of other deals that include a Bandolier Kit in it.

Nerf Raider CS-35

Another clip system blaster. The exclusive 35 dart drum is a handy ally to have in your clip system blasters. Also the detachable stock is great to use. It is the first blaster to feature “Slam Fire”. This also comes an a Clear Series version. The Clear version sold at Target has Red Darts. It normally retails for $30, but holidays sales have lowered it to about $20 at most stores. You can find my review of this blaster in the “Articles and Reviews section” of the blog.

Alpha Trooper CS-18

My favorite blaster. It’s a Target sold only item. It comes with an 18 Dart Mini drum. Many have claimed it is the child of the Recon and Raider, and I have to agree with that. It comes with Slam Fire and a low $20 price tag. You can find my find out more and my review of this blaster in the “Articles and Reviews section” of the blog.

3. For That Person Who Has It All

Are you trying to please someone whos into Nerf and they seem to have all the latest blasters? Or most of them anyways? Heres a couple of blasters that might please them.

Vulcan EBF-25

Another fast firing blaster. It uses a belt to feed the ammo. It’s not as mobile as other blasters but still fun to use and nice to have. The Clear Series version at Target comes with Red Darts. The Clear version retails for about $30 USA dollars. Most wouldn’t want to spend the money on this since theres so many blasters out there, so getting this for them would be a nice present.

Sonic Series Blasters/Clear Series Blasters

View more Sonic Series blasters here.

Perhaps that person your getting the Nerf blaster for would just love to have it in green or clear. In that case, just realize that theres nothing different about their performance, and that the Sonic Series is a Toys R Us exclusive.

Barricade RV-10

One of the latest blasters from Nerf. It needs 3 AA batteries to power it, but once it works it has automatic fire. Just pull the trigger and the dart will fire. It can carry ten darts. It sells for $14 at Target, and ranges from $15 to $20 USA dollars at other stores. Hopefully the receiver hasn’t had to time to go out and buy one for him or herself. But imagine buying two of these and dual wielding them? I’m sure they would be very happy to receive two or even one or two of these at Christmas.

Nerf Meele Weapons

There are plenty of Melee weapons that Nerf has made. Their a little on the expensive side, but if you want to give them something a little different, you could give them one of these. Plus it’s always fun to hit your friends with them.

4. For the Competitive Nerf Player

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

I bought this book recently and even just skimming through it taught me things. It’s so good that according to the wikipedia article all CIA officers must read it. Since people participate in “Nerf Wars” why not take this book on war and apply concepts to it? It’s an inexpensive book. I bought it for $8 at Barnes and Nobles.

Nerf Tactical Vest

This item is a bit on the expensive side, retailing at $30 USA. It’s a pretty good item though and wearing it with cargo pants or shorts makes for an easier Nerfing experience. The side arm holster, small pocker, clip holding bands, and dart holding bands make this a useful item. This also comes with two clear 6 dart clips as well. The price of two clips is usually $10, so $20 for this isn’t a bad deal. You can also read my review on this item to find out more and what I think about this.

The Alpha Trooper CS-18
Because it’s just so good I had to put it on the list twice. Read my review if your not understanding.

Thats it for now, Happy Holidays everyone! If you have any comments or criticism feel free to post it on this article.


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