The Nerf 2011 Dart Tag Post

Brochure for two new Dart Tag products

This will be the official Dart Tag Nerf post for their 2011 Dart Tag products. I’ll post info in new posts still, but update this one as new info gets released so all the 2011 Dart Tag info will be in here. Hit the jump for the info.

Basic Nerf Edit: Updated with new info 1/4/2011

“Dart Tag line is going to be very different than the N-strike line. When N-stirke went for military and modular and standard clip fed, dart tag thrives on making the most different blasters. Therefore the new dart tag blasters look like clip-fed, but the clip is built-in, so no fast reload, but firing mechanism actually works like clip system.”

Brochure for a couple of 2011 products, thanks to Urban Taggers. The pictures show the Swarmfire and named rumored “Quick 16”.

The Swarmfire
It’s supposed to be powered on 6 C batteries.

The “Quick 16”, click for bigger picture
Confirmed name is the Quick 16. I like the name though, since “quick 16” is also Hip-Hop Termanalogy.

The “Quick 6”, click for bigger picture

Some Q&A regarding Dart Tag
Info thanks to Urban Taggers.

New Colored Darts

Dart Tag Jersey

The Quick 16 Manual

Urban Taggers Quick 16 Review

Urban Taggers Quick 6 Review

Streamlines jam the Quick 16
Loading a dart in the Quick 6

The Quick 6 aka Speedload 6 in action. UT Original Post.

Quick 16 firing Test

A little bit of information about the Quick 16 Internals.

The Quick 6 is actually the Quickload 6.

More info will come as it gets released!


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  1. cuando es el torneo. somos 4 uno tiene 10 años otro 17años y el otro tiene 21 años y yo tengo 9 años tenemos que llebar nustras armas .donde es. que dia. aque ora es. adios. ojala que los asepten.los vemos a ya


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