Basic Nerf Interviews SG Nerf

I’ve been blessed to interview SG Nerf about a variety of topics. Among those include his blog history, Singapore Nerfing, play styles & tactics, and current and future Nerf & Buzz Bee products. Does their mandatory military training factor into Nerf? And how does SG Nerf find time to answer all your questions? Hit the jump to find out!

Basic Nerf: For the new readers and those are are not familiar, can you name some facts about yourself?

SG Nerf: Greetings! I’m SgNerf and i’m an adult in my 30s with a lovely wife and 2 kids (and a dog and 2 hamsters) and i run my own business.

I have always liked collecting gadgets and interesting stuff, and toys always bring back fun memories (i never grow up). I still remember as a kid running around with my neighbors shooting my trusty Nerf Bow N Arrow… almost 20 years ago!

So when my own kids started pestering me to buy them the new range of Nerf blasters a few years back, their collection ended up growing so big that i invariably got into the hobby too. :)

Basic Nerf: What made you decide to create your blog, SG Nerf?

SG Nerf: I decided to create the SG Nerf blog a few years ago because i was looking for proper local reviews on the Nerf blasters online and there was a lack of such content at that time. Many colleagues, friends and parents were also looking for good reviews, so i started the blog for the purpose of reviewing the blasters i already had in my household collection for everyone to refer to.

Basic Nerf: Your blog is very popular with the Singapore community and the international community as well. Why do you think that is?

SG Nerf: I guess the reason why my blog became popular is because the majority of it is made up of actual original reviews and content, so readers can get real information for reference, not just the same old re-hashed links and copied news that can already be found from plenty of other sites.

Basic Nerf: Your very active in the online community. You answer your blog questions and even have a Singapore Nerf Forum. How do you find time to manage it all?

SG Nerf: I’m active in a number of other hobby communities too (depending on what new gadgets I become interested in), but I have to say that I do spend abit more time in the Nerf online community because there is alot of interesting new developments in the hobby (thanks in part to Hasbro actively promoting the Nerf brand with so many new products), so there are always new things to talk about with fellow enthusiasts.

Part of the reason why i can answer questions in the forums, blogs and youtube is because I’m connected to the net most of the day via my phone or laptop. I do most of my replies to queries and discussions during small pockets of downtime or short breaks from work throughout the day.

Basic Nerf: Do Singapore Nerf players have a certain play style? Would you say they differ in styles and tactics from Americans?

SG Nerf: Local Nerf players in Singapore have quite a varied play style… thanks to keen game organizers here being very active in sourcing for both new indoor and outdoor locations for games. Over the years, the local players have accumulated alot of actual gameplay experience and many have different blasters in their collections with which they can adapt to many different game scenarios, so there is no fixed method of gameplay, everything is different from game to game.

In terms of differences in styles and tactics… I do notice that the “Mil-Sim” style of gear equipping and tactical gameplay seems more popular in Singapore than in the States, I guess it is due in part to the fact that all local males here have to attend compulsory military service so most have experience in actual firearms and tactics. So its quite natural for the older players to include some “tactical” elements to add more fun into their Nerf games too.

Basic Nerf: The United States number of Nerf players certainly outnumber the Singapore players, yet Singapore players seem to have more games and a constant number of players coming to them. What makes the Singapore players so united?

SG Nerf: Singapore is a country with a small landmass and I guess that’s what makes it much easier to get many people to attend a game in any location locally, everyone can travel to game locations quite easily and quickly.

When players attend games together regularly, they get to know each other well and everyone is familiar with how things work, so the community keeps growing and developing.

The NerfSG forum facilitates the sharing of information and the organizing of games, so that helps game organizers manage their game arrangements.

In addition, Hasbro Singapore organizes Nerf events and tournaments which offer a great avenue to promote the hobby to many new enthusiasts.

Basic Nerf: How do you feel about Nerf’s new products? (Alpha Trooper, Spectre, Barrel Break, Stampede, Camo Ammo, Tactical Vest, etc etc.)

SG Nerf: 2009 and 2010 has been great for the Nerf range, it’s a wonder how so many new blasters can be released in such a short time and every blaster brings some new features to the range (even though most tend to share the same basic internal parts).

Of particular note is the Nerf Stampede. Right from the beginning, I had always hoped a motorized full-auto clip-fed blaster would be produced someday, and Nerf actually did it!

I’d definitely look forward to many more new blasters from Nerf soon.

Basic Nerf: What do you think about Buzz Bee’s current products?

SG Nerf: Buzz Bee blasters have their unique features, but so far their designs and build quality are just still not up to par with Nerf blasters. At this moment, I see them as still more of a novelty brand of blasters.

Basic Nerf: What would you like to see from Nerf and Buzz Bee in 2011?

SG Nerf: From Nerf, I hope to see more blasters with newer features and designs (particularly in the area of motorized firing mechanisms).

From Buzz Bee, I hope to see their designs become more up-to-date and their build quality improve, they are always good at creating unique blaster systems so I’ll always be keeping a lookout for new releases from them.

Basic Nerf: What can we expect from SG Nerf and Singapore Nerfing in 2011?

SG Nerf: A bigger community, more games and more Nerfing! :)

For my blog sites, i will be doing more blaster reviews, posting up more guides and sharing more information on the Nerf scene in Singapore and around the world.

Basic Nerf: What is your favorite blaster and why?

SG Nerf: At this moment, the Nerf Stampede is my favorite blaster. It epitomizes all the ideal characteristics of what i have always wanted in a blaster so far.

Because of the Stampede, I’ve found that all my other blasters have now pretty much been relegated to storage and display purposes.

Some enthusiasts still prefer the “old-skool” method of manually priming or pumping up blasters, but personally i have always preferred the more advanced full automation of motorized firing systems, and yes I’m a Nerf techie. :)

Basic Nerf: Would you like to say anything to the readers and viewers?

SG Nerf: Keep on Nerfing and most importantly, have fun!


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