Buzz Bee Tek 6/Tek 10 Review (Basic Nerf Write Up Review)

In this review of the Tek 6 I’ll point out good & bad points, features, uses, and the variety of Tek 6’s. This used to be my favorite blaster, and I have a good amount battle with this blaster under my belt, providing a true battle tested Basic Nerf review. I’ve also used the Tek 10 as well, so we can compare them to each other and other blasters. Hit the jump to read more.

The Tek 6 is a relatively simple blaster. Priming the handle rotates the revolving mechanism and loads the blaster for firing. It’s simple to use and due to this can fire at a fairly fast rate. The un polished design and firing system gives it mass appeal to many ages and both genders. Just load the darts in the front, prime the handle, and fire it. I’ve seen little kids to teenage girls use this with excitement and easy.

Performance is not bad at all. The easy loading systems in both Tek 6 and Tek 10 make it easy to use and almost impossible to jam or misfire. Make sure your darts are pushed all the way in though, as mis fires CAN happen. Watch the video at 1:39.

Modders have said that the stock spring inside is stronger then most pistol Nerf stock springs, but the air seal is not as good. As a result the ranges are about 25-30 feet indoors. Buzz Bee Darts are also known to fire fairly straight, so thats an added benefit to these blasters. It can also take all Nerf darts that come to mind. Perhaps not in the smoothest fashion, but it can take them and fire them at it’s normal range.

The prices on the Tek 6 and Tek 10 are quite low. It’s about $5 USA for the Tek 6 and $10 USA for the Tek 10. You can find them in many major retail stores such as Target, Walmart, and Kmart. When I get to performance in a little bit I would have to say their worth it for stock or indoor Nerf players. The performance you get for this price is a great way to introduce someone to casual Nerfing.

As for the performance, it’s not bad to say the least. The ranges are good, and the darts fly pretty straight. The weight on the Tek 6 is fine, and the small size is a plus. The Tek 10 however is a bit big and front heavy. I’ve also bought a Tek 10 or two that didn’t seem to work correctly. They seemed to lack power due to some internal problems. I’m sure they can be opened and easily fixed if you know what you are doing, but I haven’t done that myself.

The rate of fire is fairly fast. The priming handle makes this easy to load for another shot and fire. Reloading is easy. All you do is put a dart into the hole.

What holds the blaster back a little bit is the lack of an “iron sight”. You can’t really line up and aim down anything. (Note, I’ll be sure to post pictures this weekend showing that.) The lack of an aim down makes it harder to “zoom in” and zone in a target. As a result most of your firing is sticking your arm out and trying to line up the blaster and your target. Even with it’s good accuracy, this still make it a little tough. This applies to the Tek 6 pictured above and the Tek 10.

This blaster is also durable. My friends and I have dropped it, kicked it, smashed, tossed it, dry fired it, and fired off a good amount of shots and this still work almost exactly as the day we got them in 2009. I compare the M4 to the Maverick and the Tek 6 to the Ak-47. It’s not as stylish but it sure is rugged and can perform.

This blaster will always hold a place in my heart due to it being one of my first blasters and my first favorite blaster. The rate of fire, range, durability, and friendly design are all good things about this. Performance wise lack of an “iron sight” and small dart count (compared to recent blasters such as the Stampede and Raider) make me give this blaster a 6.5/10.
The Tek is pretty much the same blaster, except it can hold 10 darts and is more front heavy. I think the smaller and lighter Tek 6 is the more comfortable blaster to use. I can’t ignore the extra darts the Tek 10 has though. My grade for that is also a 6.5/10.

Pink Tek 6

Blue Tek 6 can be viewed here.

Another version of the Tek 6

A newer Tek 6


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