Breaking down the Vortex Preview Video (Basic Nerf Article)


In this article I break down the sneak peak video. Through screenshots we’ll take a look at products seen, marketing strategy, and features of the new “blasters”.

It kind of feels weird to call them disc shooters, so whats our new name for them gonna be? Anyways hit the jump for the article. Be prepared for lots of photos taken from the video.

They seem to be marketing this line and video as a science fiction sort of thing. The colors, low quality video, and editing suggest this. “N-Strike vs. Vortex” was advertised during the New York toy fair as well. Also Tuesday, April 12, was the first manned space flight fifty years ago. Perhaps Nerf is paying tribute to them as well with this?

You can seem some smaller Vortex items in the box here. It’s not clear as to what they are in the screen shot though.

The first shot of a blaster in the box. It looks like a re-painted version of the Stampede meant to fire discs.

A shot of a pistol like disc shooter, looks pretty hefty to me. His thumb is about to flick a switch.

And that switch flips down the built in clip. Also the disc shooter on the ground looks like something of a single shot to me. Although I could be wrong, these blasters seem to be packing multiple shots.

You can see the stock of the Recon version disc shooter on the ground. Also what is that black and white item on top of it? Is it an Alien?

Holding the disc shooter

An above angle

The Stampede re-paint

Another angle

Another sketchy shot

You can see the discs in the clip here.

Side view of this disc shooter.

Bigger view of the blaster.

View of the shotgun grip.


Fire! I think the range on these is going to be at least 30 feet. That shot might look like 50 feet.

Looks like the Stampede disc shoot will be called the Nitron.

Not sure what it says under “Long Range”.

And there we have it folks. It looks like this Vortex line will fire discs at long ranges. The new colors will help signify a change for the new line. Nerf will continue to support the N-Strike line as well. But in the mean time who knows what features these will have? Battery powered? We only know one which is Shot Gun style. Will these be direct plungered, or inversed plungered? The mod potential might be there, or it might not be.

Nerf has said that they’ll reveal more photos of the items on their Facebook. Nerf, with their low quality video and shaky editing, has given has a small big decently sized peak at the Vortex Line. I’ll be sure to have another article when more information is reveled.

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