Craigslist Trip Take 1 (Mission Success)


Yup, check out what I got. I’m short on time right now but I’ll update this post with details later. In the meantime hit the jump for more pictures that I took during my trip, along with other goodies I purchased.
EDIT: Hit the jump for full details on my first Craigslist trip.

So I acquired the above old Nerf blasters from a kid off Craigslist. I got lucky since the entry was about two months old. I got my friend to take me to a place about 30 minutes away. When I got there I was a little bit tired from trip, yet excited at the opportunity to acquire these blasters. Online it was $5 for each. I could have probably made a deal but the factors I mentioned were clouding my mind. I ended up buying the blasters for $5 each and an old Long Shot scope and mesh net for $1.

The blasters were part of a target game system released in about 2003. Their called Tech Target.

On the way back the same phone app we were using gave us a short route back, cutting travel time by about half.


I tried to take pictures of the nice sunset.

What the mesh net looks like.

We then went to a Walmart to try and buy the Barricade with the Yellow Raider stock. I arranged a deal with another friend of mine. Since I just wanted the stock to pimp out my Alpha Trooper. We split the cost, with me getting the stock and him getting the blaster. It wasn’t on the shelves, so we took a lap around the store looking for someone to help us out and see if they have it in the back. They were running on a minimum amount of crew. We asked the electronic people said they would said someone to toys. My friend and I wasted about 15 minutes looking for helping and waiting for it, so we just left.

We headed to another Walmart, but stopped at a Target to see if they carried the blaster. They didn’t but they did have a cool Beastie Boys shirt for sale.

The new Barricade with the two boxes of the blaster I got late last year.

I got two, because two is better then one.

But in the end I got what I wanted. The Klaw Hatchet was also on sale for $5. I was hesitating on getting them, but my friend said “go big or go home.” I ended up buying two of them. I can’t wait to show you guys my Yellow Raider stock plus Alpha Trooper combo next week.


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