The Nerf Commercials Post (Videos)

Magstrike commercial

User bijxsam of youtube has a bunch of retro Nerf commercials uploaded on his youtube channel. The Magstrike commercial above was one of the first Nerf commercials I remember seeing in my later years. Hit the jump for more commercials uploaded by him, and a couple others as well. I’ll eventually exclude every Nerf commercial into this post. I’ll also plan to arrange them in chronological order as well in the future.
Hyperfire commercial, another commercial I remember from my later years.

Disc Shot


Recon CS-6

Vulcan EBF-25

Maverick & Nite Finder

Long Shot


Bow and Arrow


Camp Nerf



Maxforce, another commercial I remember.


Electric Eel & Mad Hornet

Expand A Blast



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