Discovering 2011 Dart Tag Participants (Video)

User CRRudd of youtube shows us a packet of info that he got from Nerf. He also made an announcement earlier. From his looks, I’d say hes playing in the 13-17 division.

MRCBstudiosColli also made an announcement video. I’ll also have the opportunity to interview him tomorrow. I’m not sure of his age, but I’ll ask him soon. I’m guessing 8-12 division.

And from that video came other people commenting. vtfan1016, AndrewOrrNot13 on the Northwest team, DCAstudios for Southern Midwest,KarenKnor, and TheDJT418.

and lets not forget Mark Cruz!

EDIT: Also included is Louiec3 of

I have no clue whos telling the truth, other then Mark CRRudd of youtube, and Louiec3. Lets see what happens though.


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