The Quicksters win the 8-12 Dart Tag age division (Photo)

Got it off Nerf’s twitter. Congrats Quicksters! The 13-17 age group plays this morning, and the finals will be Sunday.


4 thoughts on “The Quicksters win the 8-12 Dart Tag age division (Photo)”

  1. Congrats to them from us, too, Karen. My son was onthe NerfRnauts, the Quicksters final opponents. He just told me that they were very nice and gracious in victory. Good sports all around. It was a great event.


  2. I was really impressed with the whole event, and from what I saw the conduct of all the players was top notch. The NerRnauts were an awesome team – I was hoping they’d be included in the award ceremony, and given a medal or something cool. I wish Nerf would post some high quality video segments of the final match. I’ve posted some on you tube from my little phone camera, but it’s really hard to make out, and there’s an obnoxious mother screaming on the audio :)


  3. Great job to both the Quicksters and the NerfRNauts! Our son was on the Quicksters too – he said the NerfRNauts were a great team – I agree with Karen though – there ought to be something for the other finalists! @ Karen – make that TWO (obnoxious) mothers screaming on your video! Thanks again for posting it.


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