– Farmington Nerf Dart Tag Article

FARMINGTON — The format for the Nerf Dart-Tag Team 2011 World Championships may have changed, but one of its champions didn’t.

Jake Wood, a senior at Davis High School, has pulled off the three-peat, capturing for a third consecutive year the Nerf Dart Tag World Championship as part of a team.

For his efforts, the 17-year-old received $6,250 in prize money, his portion of the $25,000 grand prize awarded to the four-member winning team, which had members from other states.

In addition to the prize money, Wood received an all-expenses-paid trip to Orlando, Fla., where the contest was held this weekend.

This is the third time Wood has been a member of the winning tag team. In 2009 and 2010, he competed alongside his friends from Farmington and his identical twin brother, Carter.

However, this year Nerf changed the format of its contest, drafting players from submitted essays. That resulted in both Jake and Carter being selected for different teams, said Cindy Wood, mother of the two boys.

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