The 2011 Ketchup Post (August to November)

You see what I did there? Anyways I haven’t really been posting for the past three months, so without further adu heres a catch up post thanks to my affiliate Urban Taggers and NerforNothing. Those guys always keep it on lock.
Also I gotta say, a lot can happen in 3 months.

Tactical Tag’s Vortex vs. N-Strike game recap, results seem a bit mixed.
Vortex Praxis Clip dropping issues
Toys R Us is using the Humans vs. Zombies brand for their new line. Heres a shot shot pistol.
And the HvZ Triple Shot.
The Alpha Trooper 18 Dart Drums are being sold in the USA now! Get them for $10 and most major retail stores (I recommend Walmart or Target)
Theres a Quick 16 2-Player set coming out. I haven’t seen them in stores though.
The Sonic Series Barrel Break.
The Sonic Series Barricade.
The Long Strike Sonic Series.
The Sonic Series Stampede.
A New dart tag blaster, called the Speedswarm. I’ll pass on this thank you.
NEW leaked blaster, the CS-18 Rayven! I would be more excited for this, until I found out that it’s flywheel. Thats just me and my dislike of flywheels though.
Glow in the Dark Streamlines, coming with the blaster.

Other Stuff:
Urban Taggers sweet opinion on Flywheel blasters. I’m still mixed on them though.
Nerf branded Night Visions goggles and cameras coming out these holidays.
Nerf Pocket DVR
Mp3 Player coming out as well.
The 2 gb Barricade Flash Drive
A Nerf digital camera in Australia.
Blockades/cover from Nerf?!


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