LSU Humans vs Zombies Episode 2: More adding and Presentation Preparing (Basic Nerf Write Up)

Almost 3 AM in the morning and I’m going over presentation details.

So the first news is that my initial count of interested people/people down to play went from 51 people to 85. 19 of them are girls. Thats a 50 percent-ish increase overall right? It's pretty early in the morning, and math was never my strength. I have a presentation at 11 AM with the head of student activities. I'm just finishing up collecting media, taking notes, and trying to think of anything negative they would have against HvZ, that way I could come up with counter arguments.

Heres today notable quotes.

"Oh hell yeah bro."

"No I don't know what it is, but it sounds sick already."

"It sounds like fun, but I'm busy next quarter. Sorry."

"Wow, that sounds like fun!"

"Zombies? I'm scared already…"

"So its like Left 4 Dead? Oh you've only played the 2nd one? Don't play that one, it sucks. The melee weapons suck." (It came from a girl hehe.)

"Oh wow, I'd be down to play, put my name on the list!"

"I'm glad your taking initiative. We could really use more activities like that around campus."

All 85 people I've talked to face to face, so I wonder how many more I could get if I had some advertising around school. For now, thats it. Wish me luck in this presentation.


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