LSU Humans vs Zombies Episode 3: Step 1 Complete (Basic Nerf Write Up)

Image thanks to the official HvZ site.

Step 1 is complete! I talked to the head of student activities at LSU (not Louisiana State University, a different school) and she was very happy about this. She said we would probably have to rename the game, and she also thinks that Nerf blasters would break old windows, but other then that we should be ok. I just have to get either the social vice president or president of this activities organization to file some sort of form to our student committee, and if they approve it (and they should) then I just got to get a moderator team together, plan missions, plan safety, set up advertisements, plan some sort of introduction seminar, plan mandatory safety meetings, sign up and register people, check blasters, and then play. Lets hope this all goes well.


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