Mission Oaks, Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies Basic Nerf Recap (Summer 2011)

Remember how I was mentioned this HvZ event in Southern California? I went to it, had a bunch of fun, but never recapped it much. I took Vlogs from my phone throughout the day during breaks, and posted them, but never really posted info on it. My friend’s friend who went with us took photos toward the end of the game, and I have a nice little story go along with most of them. With these things in mind, hit the jump for my (long) recap on this great event. Be prepared for a lot of reading, photos, and videos.

It all started with me seeing the event posted on the HvZ forums. I even posted that I would make a recap post haha. I believe that I was still in Summer School at the time, still with my girlfriend, and still a little bit bored with the summer. When this event popped up, I knew it was something I could, and must attend. The event was from July 15, 2011 to July 17. There were new, day long games each day from Friday to Saturday. Heres the Facebook event page. I contacted a friend, and him convinced him to go. In the time before this I hit the bike for cardio, looked up HvZ strategies, and studied the Map they had put up on their Facebook event page. He invited another friend to go, and I got to sleepover at his house Saturday night in Glendale. That cut down travel times about 30 minutes for me. We made a Target trip that night for some equipment, had breakfast in the morning thanks to my friend’s mom, and then headed out in the morning. Let the videos and photos commence now.

Waking up in the morning with my friend Dimitri.

My friend Dimitri driving, you start to see less buildings the more you get out of LA.

My Long Shot wasn’t working when I put it back together in the past couple of days, so I opened it up and made it work. I also tried modding an Alpha Trooper, but I didn’t have a drill for that.

Heres the three of us. My friend’s friend name is EC.

I got paranoid because we got a little lost haha. I thought we were gonna be late.

There I am in the Lakers hat, go Lakers! Also note that there are tennis courts in front of our car and parking lot. These play a minor role in the story later.

Here we are gearing up. I brought like, all of my Nerf stuff for them to borrow. I thought we would be late, but it started about 15-20 minutes after we got there.

Heres most of the players gathered and waiting for the game to start. I started off with a Long Shot, but switched to an Alpha Trooper after the first mission. Thanks to the mods putting up recaps of their event each year, I’m able to post this recap post for everyone. I wouldn’t have remembered everything without it. Heres the Summer 2011 link, and I only played in day 3 so remember that. Fun fact, all the missions on day 3 were made up as the game went along. This provided for some fun and silly game moments.

Mission 1: Protect the Missle Launcher
Players were given two pieces of a missile launcher and told to protect it. The humans split up in two groups as they were being chased by super zombies.

They split us up into two groups, each holding two parts of a Nerf Titan, one group had the missile and the other the rocket if I remember correctly. We had two of the mods chasing us, (Evan and Joey). I know we lost at least two people due to them lagging a little bit and trying to hit them. We went through some of the park and made it back to the only safe point. I switched to the Alpha Trooper because my modded Long Shot’s locks were removed and the bolt kept sliding back, thus loading a new dart into the chamber, even if there was another one. This caused problems for me when I just left the blaster hang by my waist, and in general usage.

Mission 2: Find the Penicorn
The humans then went to Heritage Park where they had to find a mystical being called a penicorn. I would go into detail on what a penicorn is, but this might be a family website. Anyways the humans found the penicorn.

This is the penicorn. We went to a park about two blocks away called Heritage Park, and once there we all looked away while Joey the Mod hid it. We had a certain amount of time to find it, and if we didn’t there would be some sort of consequence for the humans. We spread out and looked for it while the zombies harassed us.

Mission 3: Transport the Penicorn
The humans then had to transport the penicorn, with a twist. The humans couldn’t let the zombies touch the penicorn, and the humans couldn’t come within 15 feet of the penicorn. After 1 minute the penicorn would move 25 feet.

And transport it we did. The Zombies could grab it and move it back, but we protected it well for the most part. We lost some humans again this mission. It actually was moving at a slower rate, but Joey the mod sped it up after a transfer or two once he realized it was too slow. When we got it to it’s destination he told us a funny story,through the Unicorn King’s high, squeaky voice, about how the zombie virus was transferring throughout the internet and how we needed to stop it.

Mission 4: Get back to the safe zone
After the players moved the penicorn, the penicorn informed the humans that a toxic cloud would engulf the play zone, but the had one safe route back to the safe zone. The players then dashed back to the safe zone with the zombies picking them off along the way.

The faster ones went ahead to the safe zone. They mods funneled us through a certain path, and walkway which was between two baseball diamond’s fences. I was one of the faster ones who went along, and when I was there I decided to go back, stun some zombies, and try to get some humans safely. After getting one or two back, I decided that staying safe was the better option, and so did the guy with me. So we went back to the safe zone. Needless to say, we lost some more humans during this event. After this mission, we broke up for lunch.

I wanted pizza, but it was closed so I got Subway instead. I got a footlong Tuna with some honey mustard. Honey Mustard is such a good dressing. Once we got back the zombies got about 10-15 minutes head start to prepare for their next mission.

Mission 5: Defend Area
The players then had to protect a small circle on the south side of the map. Zombies were sent there earlier to ambush players.

Evan, one of the mods, joined the human team. We had to defend a point while data downloaded. I don’t remember the zombie objective exactly, it was either all of them had to get in or a certain amount had to get in. What I do remember though is us holding them off, and the download had about ten minutes left. Then a single zombie got in and tagging a human or two, and the rest of the other side got in through the chaos. I was up top guarding a path that lead down the the rest of the humans, the the skirmish happened down below. I believe they also brought in a super-zombie known as an ultralisk toward the end of this mission. It consisted or two or three people inside a mini tent/house with foam noodles to stun people. It was also un-stunable. We lost a lot of humans during this time, and were left with 6 humans at around 1:51 PM, according to my video blog. Evan enacted Plan A, which the people playing had made up earlier in the weekends games. Plan A is to simply survive, so we ditched the mission objective and headed back to the safe zone. I also didn’t mention it earlier, but tits became my near swear word for the day.

After we get some distance from the zombies, I whipped out my cell phone for more vlogging.

Mission 6: Zombie Ambush
After defending one area on the south, the humans had to defend an area to the north. This it was an area which the zombies could easily surround. The humans had to stay within in the zone until Joey (the mod) saw a zombie, so the zombie had to get as close as possible and then pounce. The zombies separated into two groups, one with the ultralisk, and another main force. The zombies ended up failing to ambush the humans when one zombie shouted one group into a premature charge, in the wrong direction. The humans got away.

We had to get to an area ahead of the zombies to get some orange flags and bring them back to the base. We got there ahead of the zombies, secured the flags in a backpack, and waited for the mod to see a zombie and give us the go ahead to go along. We had a new human join us in the previous break, so we were up to lucky number 7 in human count.

Joey the mod played a high pitch tune of Fur Elise on the megaphone to attract zombie attention while we waited. From here on out, the mission craziness/game difficulty took a step up.
We all knew that this area had superior coverage from up above, and that we were at the bottom of three hills. We decided to climb one of the hills (the one behind the guy with the megaphone) and hug the fences separating the local residences from the park and make it back to the safe zone when we could. I spotted a zombie early on top of one of the hills, and shouted him out to the group. The mod gave us the go ahead, and we went up another small hill one by one. I was at the back, and offered to cover them as they went up. There was one more guy left, but he said he had knee problems and to just leave him. After trying to convince him once or twice, I bid adieu and went up the hill. I believe the man left behinds name was Patrick, and my friend said that he held off about 4 zombies for a decent amount of time with just socks. I had no clue how far behind I was, but it turned out I wasn’t that far behind. The humans were in a line stuck behind two zombies hiding behind a cactus. I ran up, stunned them both, and kept going. I was now at the front of the line leading us back to the safe zone. I was jogging/running, and then one of the humans and I looked behind us to see where everyone was. Right as we did that a zombie came out of the bushes we had passed a little earlier and straight up tackled a kid with an orange and green Furyfire. We paused for a moment out of surprise and shock. Our reactions were something like this.

We went toward him to see if he was ok, but then a guy came toward us, said he was ok, and told us to keep going. The three of us headed toward the safe zone, and we split up once we reached a hill that took us up to a fence. I took the younger guy with me for a long way around, and the older guy headed toward the zone. We had to outrun a zombie, but the three of us made it back in one peace.

Heres a video of my friend and I talking a little bit about that mission, and showing the summer 2010 MVP that we played with. The Furyfire guy who got tackled was allowed to still be a human, since I can see him playing with the humans in some later photos. Our friend EC got some Cactus needles in his butt during this time, and also apparently another guy had a run in with some cactus as well, but I’m not sure what happened with him. We also got a new human on our side, he had to come late. He called a coin flip correctly and was in.

Mission 7: Catch Joey
For this mission Joey rode his bike and players had to catch him. The writer of this article had no clue what happened beyond that because he was on first aid duty when one player decided to fight a cactus and lose.

My goodness, I felt like Joey was trolling us during this mission. Or at least he trolled me. The zombies had to tag Joey, and the humans had to shoot him. Doing these respective tasks would get that faction a hint, What for we wouldn’t find out until later. We got close to him about twice while making a circle around a section of the map while fending off small zombie harassment. We then decided that we should head back to the safe zone and try to regroup. On the way back we got into a nice ambush set up by the zombies, and I think we lost a guy here. I’m not sure since it happened so fast. About two zombies lead us into it, and then boom there were at least six or seven of them. Luckily I was at the back, and I avoided most of the charge and stayed safe. I tried suggesting that we chase Joey and try to get hints out of him, but my group said we should go back to the safe zone. We ran into Joey again close to the parking lot, and I kept asking him if we should go back to the safe zone. He kept taunting me and I really wanted a hint, so I chased after him after we got into the parking the lot. Unfortunately, this is where my story as a human begins to come to an end.

Our group coming back to the safe zone, you can see me on the left side going off to chase Joey.


The Humans trying to get back to the safe zone.

I managed to tag Joey with a dart and get us a hint. I tried to hurry back to the humans, but they were already at the safe zone and zombies were starting to form. I decided to try and take the offensive before they could form up or make some sort of strategy.
But for some reason my dart didn’t really come up correctly on my first shot. I got a little close to the end of the parking lot. I faked right, and tried going left when more zombies came.

But the grip isn’t the greatest on my shoes, and I slipped and fell. I went into a roll and that put me in the right direction.

The momentum from the roll put me in the right direction with force to boot, so I got up from that and booked it. This has gotta be at least top 5 moments in my life were I ran my fastest. I just commanded my legs to hit the ground, left,right,left,right as fast as they could. I tried to high tail it around the tennis courts back to the safe zone.

But there were zombies there waiting for me. I tried going across, but was cut off. The later voted MVP tried to talk me into surrendering, with reasons such as it not being safe to try and fight there, and me being surrounded, and it almost worked. But I summoned an earlier concept of YOLO and stunned the guy ahead of me, then went down into the ravine area to try to get a better fighting position.

There were zombies ahead of me, so I tried going ahead. But one came down the hill and I didn’t want to risk them rushing me. I put my back against some bushes to give me more view of the situation.

I also noticed that my Alpha Trooper jammed for some reason.

I decided not to risk anything and whipped out my Spectre sidearm.

A stand off. I was just trying to collect myself and my thoughts here. I considered running into the bushes in the left to escape, but I thought I could out run them again if I got past the one or two in front of me.

Thats what I ended up doing. I stunned the one in front of me, and another came down to try and stop me.

I tried to take out the new one, and I think I did, but another one had snuck up behind me and tackled me. Down goes Jason.

Getting a dust off after the tackle.

Catching my breath for a little bit.

Handing my info over the guy who got me.

His smirk reminds me of this meme.

A mod called me and said he wanted to talk to me. I thought I was in trouble or something.

Just me going back to the safe zone.

Recapping that last mission with everyone.

Joey the Mod said I could give my hint to the humans or withhold it since I was a zombie. Here I am making my announcement on who to give the hint to.

or from another angle.

I ended up giving it to the humans. I then got some small first aid for that scrap I got rolling away from the zombies.

Mission 8: Wait for Helicopter
The 3rd installment of this mission. The few humans left were hunted in the regular grassy plain.

Humans separated from the zombies.

Dimitri headed to the last mission zone in a mini interview.

Well it was basically a hold out mission. The humans were given space from the zombies and we had to chase them down. After a certain amount of time the humans would get a hint to help them solve the password which would unlock the virus cure.
Zombies chasing the humans

Our friend actually recorded most of the final mission. I was pretty tired since running away from the zombies left me drained. It took him two days to recover from the fatigue.

Us getting back to the safe zone after the final mission. We were both pretty tired.

Once we got back, they handed out awards.

Voting for MVP, and handing out purple hearts. I came second in MVP voting. The MVP ended up giving me props though.

I won Medal of Honor.

Us saying our goodbyes.

All in all it was a good day. Would I have done some things different? Probably yes, but I still had a heck of a good time. They host a game every summer and winter. I missed the winter one but I’ll try to go to the summer game in 2012. If any of the people I played with are reading this, it was great surviving with you. If you made it this far, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this.

Bonus picture, what my scrap looked like a day after the game.

9 thoughts on “Mission Oaks, Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies Basic Nerf Recap (Summer 2011)”

  1. well… everyone’s. being in such a big area and always on the move most times, how do you make sure people get their own darts back at the end?


    1. That’s a good question. Since it’s a day long game, most of the moderator power is spent watching the players, moderating them, and sometimes playing. We don’t have the man power most of the time to make sure no one picks up other people’s darts during the game.

      After the game, all the spare ammo is cleaned up by the organizers and moderators. Players can go out after the game to get their ammo back, but most of them don’t bother due to things like fatigue.


      1. ok, so when the mods pick them up do they just dish them back out, depending on the amount of darts the person had origionally.


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