Alpha Trooper CS-18 going out of production? (Rumor)

Will this famous blaster disappear from our stores soon?

First off, don’t panic yet, but there seems to be signs that the Alpha Trooper CS-18 will be, or has, going out of production. A topic arose on the HvZ forums bring some attention to the topic, brought up by user name ArcAngelXVI. Doing a search on the Target website says that their out of stock online and not sold in stores. This may be just a wording error on Target’s part, or it may be a worse scenario. Some people have posted on the Nerf wall that their Targets are still selling Alpha Troopers. I’ll head to Target soon and see what my local Target has in stock, and be sure to keep you updated with the latest rumors regarding this blaster.

Also, feel free to leave a comment and let us readers know if your Target still has them or not.

2/27/12 EDIT: Visited my college campus areas Target, and Alpha Troopers were not sighted on the shelves. I should have given the DCPI number to see if they had any in the back, but that thought didn’t come to me until now.


10 thoughts on “Alpha Trooper CS-18 going out of production? (Rumor)”

  1. I hit up my Target today and checked the Nerf aisle out of curiosity. I concur; no Alpha Troopers. Or Magstrikes. Or Rapid Fire 20’s for that matter. (both of which have actually been missing for a while…) Target seems to be phasing out their entire stock of exclusives.

    Honestly, however, I don’t think it should come as too much of a surprise. I’m noticing that Longstrike’s are disappearing off shevles, Deploy’s are being marked for clearance around town, The Stampede’s space is being taken up by the Nitron.

    N-Strike’s fading out. But I can’t say that this is a bad thing. N-Strike has been a constant presence on shelves for nearly 10 years! This is easily a record for Nerf. The Nite-Finder and the Maverick however still remain, and those don’t appear to be going anywhere. But that seems to be part of the plan. There’s a revolution going on with N-Strike Elite. This is where the near-forgotten N-Strike vs. Vortex tag is going to come into play. There appears to also be something of a shift of demographic going on. The people buying Nerf guns are no longer kids; its teenagers and young adults. Humans vs. Zombies is a huge deal across the world. These people have the income to spare.

    Look at it as the beginning of something new. Let’s face it. Aethetics aside, the Alpha Trooper’s biggest advantage was its abnormally long range; With the Rampage on its way, the Alpha Trooper is going to rapidly reach obsolescence.


  2. Variance in production of a product that isn’t all that precisely built in the first place could account for that. The general community consensus points to above average performance with the Alpha Trooper.

    Admittedly, though my Alpha Trooper was wonderful out of the box and for the first six months, something happened to make it’s performance fall drastically. Don’t know what, but I’ve since then switched to my Raider.


  3. I don’t think my Alpha Trooper got any spectacular ranges either. It was usually about 20 feet for mine. But then again, I do have like 4 of them, guess I should do a range check on them all.

    I’ve sent this question to my connections in Nerf, while they didn’t know the answer, they’ll ask higher powers up.


  4. Down here in Aus we’ve always had lots of ATs and very few RF20’s. We’ve just had a BOGO 50% off, so stock isn’t very accurate ATM, but I bought the last AT in one of my local Targets. The stock attendant said that they hadn’t received shipments in a while.

    Sadly I agree that the AT is getting discontinued given the Elite stuff outclasses it in every way (except price most likely). Also, their discontinuation won’t be too much of a loss given the release of the 18 drum separately.


    1. That makes sense. I know after my first Alpha Trooper, I just bought two more for the drums. It’s not too big of a loss for the company, but for the consumer it is.

      I’ve sent an email to my contact in Nerf, and she said she’ll ask around and see what answers she can get.


  5. My AT usually got about 35ft ranges.

    Well this sucks. Nerf cancelled the Longshot and it was one of the finest they ever made. The AT, IMHO is the best Nstrike gun they made and they’re nixing it. My friend’s rader is only good for two things: jamming and shredding darts. I am not thrilled by the Nstrike Elite version of the Recon, or rather, its stock. It just looks awful to me. Here’s hoping it can extend.

    I’ve always had mixed feelings about how the free market seems to encourage producers to innovate all the time. Innovation is great but how often have we seen car manufacturers ditch a well-reviewed excellent previous model in favor of something that sucks? Honda’s Civic is the first Civic ever that Consumer reports doesn’t like. There are Toyotas that have that fate now too.

    Back to Nerf guns, WTH?


    1. I agree with you Jon, the AT is my favorite blaster, atheistic and performance wise. I can understand Nerf wanting to innovate, but it’s pushing their older products out the door. But they are at the top of the foam blaster market, so they don’t NEED to innovate each year.


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