The Rayven CS-18 Tenets (HvZ Forum Write Up)

Pic from the HvZ forums

Another solid read off the HvZ forums. Original topic is here.

After reading some of the other Tenets I thought I would do one on the Rayven. This is my first write up of this style so remember I am a bit of a n00b at this, but I can take criticism too.

Rayven Tenets

So you finally got a Rayven have you? Good, the Rayven can be a great addition to your arsenal but there are some things to remember when using the Rayven.

1. Stock and Mods

The Rayven is fairly good stock. The way it takes darts make it less likely to strip or destroy them like other blasters can do and the new white/glowing darts seem to be an improvement over the normal orange streamlines. That being said there are a few mods that I consider either a need or close to a need:

Removal of the Jam Door: The Rayven is easy to be unjammed even in the midst of battle, but it takes you a few secods to open and close the door. This is best removed. This brings me to the second needed mod.

Electronic locks: There are 3 in area where the clip goes. One causes the flywheels to turn off when the jam door is open. The one on on the side closest to the butt makes it so you cannot pull the trigger with nothing in the chamber, and the one closest to the barrel turns off the flywheels when there is nothing in the chamber. But there is good news (which doesn’t involve a gecko), it is an easy mod to do. Simply using tape can cause these to be compressed and thus not interfere with you when you remove the jam door. The one involving the jam door can be put in the space behind it and the one closest to the barrel should fit back into it’s pocket. I left the trigger alone as I find it is better to not be able to have the push level out when you load a clip as this can cause it to slowly retract.

Rubber skirt: This is the part that is between the flywheels and the chamber. This is easily removed/ripped out.

All of the electronic mods can be done with a rewiring if you so wish. You can also modify the Rayven to fire Stefans if you use a screw or similar item to elongate the push lever. Finally you can do a voltage mod. This one is easy to do (just get higher volt batteries). You can run the Rayven on two higher voltage batteries and 2 battery stand-ins (about normal power) or increase this to 3 or 4 as you see fit.

NOTE: Depending on your style you may also think about using a barrel as the increased power will work a bit better if the darts didn’t fishtail or whirlee-bird. This however is up to you and your style.

2. Clips

Always have more. That should go without saying. I personally like to use 35 dart drum for my Rayven. Using this however I have found something interesting. For the Rayven it is better if you do not try to over stuff your clips. You usually have about 1-2 more spaces to fit darts in clips, with other blasters you can simply be careful when you load the clip and still do it, but for the Rayven you cannot pre-prime your blaster so leaving space allows for an easier first shot and will not cause the push lever to slow down when retracting.

Now, onto the stock firefly clip. This is a bit more bulky then normal 18 dart clips but is fun to use because of the glowing darts. However this pretty much has to be done in the dark. I’ve tried it at dusk before and they didn’t show up. Also, if you are using them during HVZ you have a bright blue light showing all zombies where you are at and if you are not in the dark you can’t see the darts so you can pretty much ignore the light up unless you are having fun at night, otherwise it is a liability or useless.

Remember that there is no place to put extra clips onto the blaster and that you cannot attach a stock to it. So you are going to have to carry any clips you want to use with the blaster.

3. Tactics

This is not a Raider nor an Alpha Trooper. You do not have slam fire and the trigger pull is a bit hard to do. It can give you a good rate of fire and even quickly pulling the trigger can work, more so with a voltage mod, but you are not going to be getting the same ROF that you can on Raiders and ATs. That being said, the Rayven does have some really good perks to it. If you use a voltage mod and/or barrel you may be able to get better ranges which makes up a bit for the slower ROF. The biggest perk is that it is a single handed weapon. That means your other hand is free for another blaster or socks (heaven help the zombies if your school allows melee ). The blaster is also compact which means that you can turn your arms and not your body in order to fire it.

As with some other blasters, you are going to want to use the buddy system. Now you are versatile enough to go it alone at times, but you are a skirmisher first and foremost. This is not the blaster for long range firing (depending on mods of course) and because of the flywheel system, you are going to be loud or you are not going to have the blaster ready to fire. Using a buddy can help you over come this as well as using your other hand to hold onto socks or a different blaster/weapon.

So, you are not very good at sneaking with this blaster and you are not going to be super effective against a large horde, so remember this if the Rayven is your main. I personally feel that this is either a good secondary or with good mods could be a pretty good main, but I feel it is best at support and scaring off zombies with the flywheel (assuming you can).

But hey, you have two rails. So using a party popper or two for a shot gun effect or attaching a blow gun to the top can make you more versatile, just remember that this will limit what you can have in your off hand unless you are OK at dropping a secondary blaster.

4. Duel Wielding:

OK, so you can duel this puppy, which is more then a Raider or AT can do and is more easily done then a vulcan. However if you do duel wield you will not be accounting for any of the drawbacks of the blaster. Also, unless you train really well it can be hard to hold two in each hand as you will want to stretch out your arms. This is possible but is hard on your arms so you will likely want to use a strap. The draw back of using a strap or two is that you are going to loose a bit of maneuverability.

So there you go. That is my Tenets for the Rayven. One last thing to add though, I have been able to SOMETIMES fire whistler darts with mine, but it only can do W1’s and of course cannot hold too many in a clip. So there may be a mod there, but nothing that I can see that would be easy or practical.

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I also wish to point out that this information is from Mini Games and not a full game of HVZ. Also, cold seems to affect the Rayven a bit.


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