N-Strike Elite Retaliator Preview (Video)

A nice, quick visual look at the new N-Strike Elite Retaliator. Also note, while this video says the max range is 75 feet, this one says the max range is 15 Meters, which translates to about 49, or 50 feet. Many are saying that this video is intended for international advertisement, as they are more strict on their toy laws there. I’ll have a breakdown article of the video coming soon.


7 thoughts on “N-Strike Elite Retaliator Preview (Video)”

  1. if u look closely at the main part of the gun where the clip goes in it looks ALMOST EXACTLY like the Recon CS-6, but just with a different paint job. (it also applies to the barrel extension). the only difference is the stock and the grip attachment. NERF is just trying to rip us off !!! LOOK and u will see what I’m talkin about.


    1. Nerf likes to reshell and/or repaint their blasters. The Recon’s inverse plunger system was later used in the Raider, Long Strike, and Alpha Trooper. Nerf also likes to repaint and market their items. Look at the Clear, Sonic, and Gear Up Series.

      I don’t mind a repaint of the Recon or Raider. Those were solid performing blasters. I personally like the look of these N-Strike Elite blasters, and as long as they go farther and perform better then their predecessors, you can count me in on a sale.


  2. i think the cheapest thing they did was they basicly gave the recon a new name to make it seem like it was a new gun.

    leave me a reply if u follow me


    1. Well we all know that Nerf likes to re-shell and repaint their blasters. I’ve never really liked the Recon though. I’ve had bad game memories about it not sliding all the way. Also in the era of electric blasters and slam fire, the Recon rate of fire doesn’t seem to cut it.

      Thats why I’m more excited about the Rampage/Raider 1.1. However if the price of this is $20-$25, I wouldn’t mind buying it and giving it a chance. Also, it looks so dang cool.


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