German Site shows new N-Strike Elite Blasters (Photos)

The new N-Strike Elite Barricade

German shopping site showed images of the new N-Strike Elite line, including what appears to be a new Elite Barricade.

The special 9/9/12 blaster, the Hailfire. It looks like it’s gonna be using the six dart clips. How many it can hold though, is still up for debate.

The Rampage. Although not mentioned on the site, the drum capacity is rumored to be of 25 dart capacity. Also earlier leaked images showed it without a stock, in this image it’s sporting the Retaliator stock.

The Retaliator spotted on the site.

The paint job looks good on these blasters, I just can’t wait for them to come out! Which one will you be buying?


4 thoughts on “German Site shows new N-Strike Elite Blasters (Photos)”

  1. For sure I’ll be getting the retaliater, as I never got a recon. The hail fire looks silly, so I’ll pass. I may get the new barricade but unless the 15m or 75ft is true, I’ll pass. Same goes with the rampage. But, I’m really interested in the darts!


  2. all i see is that the Hailfire is going to have MAJOR jamming problems just like my brand new vulcan i bought yesterday. (But I’ll idmit it looks TOTALLY AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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