Nerf officially announces lower ranges for Overseas Audiences


Nerf took to their Facebook to make this depressing announcement this morning.

We know that a few eagle-eyed members of Nerf Nation have spotted two different versions of the N-Strike Elite Retaliator blaster video we posted online earlier this week, and wanted to clear up any confusion. We pride ourselves on offering high-performance blasters that adhere to our own strict safety standards, as well as standards set by each country where Nerf blasters are available. It is for this reason that, while most of our fans internationally will be seeing up to 75 foot distances using the N-Strike Elite blasters, members of Nerf Nation located in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, China and the Philippines will see a distance of up to 15 meters. N-Strike Elite blasters around the world will all feature Elite blaster styling, design and darts. We can’t wait to share more information with you, Nation, and may have some more details up our sleeves for next week. Stay tuned.

This is a bit of distressing news, even though I’m a USA resident and will be unaffected by this. Overseas countries have a more strict outlook on toy laws. Australians can’t even have airsoft in their country. What do you think of this announcement by Nerf?


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