Webhallen.com reveals possible Nerf Snapfire 8, Pyragon, & Nitron Shield Release Dates

Stock image from Webhallen.com

Nerf Mods & Reviews was informed of this info by someone known online as NerferDylan. I’m just sharing this info, from one blog to another. According to the Sweedish site Webhallen.com their showing listings and even release dates of these upcoming blasters.

Snapfire 8 description:
Posted Release Date: July 7, 2012 6/4/12 EDIT: The website changed the release date to July 3, 2012.
Semi-automatic handheld DART TAG blaster with blazing fire! With one-handed operation and easy front loading – without the need for a battery-powered motor. The mechanism covers not only the hammer and fires the arrow again, but also turn the front magazine / cylinder each time the shutter button is pressed. With Dial Force Technology (DFT) that allows the user to adjust the voltage and thus achieve greater range and faster speeds. Safety glasses NOT included.

Vortex Pyragon Description:
Posted Release Date: June 12, 2012
New for autumn 2012: Vortex Pyragon is the ultimate högkapacitetsskivblastern with a removable cylinder that can contain as much as 40 discs! Our first cylinder disk blaster!
Price, image, product description and release date are preliminary and are subject to change.

Vortex Nitron “Refreshed”
Posted Release Date: June 2012
Vortex Nitron is a fully automatic disc blasts with charging tray that can shoot up to 18 meters. The blaster also comes with a super-cool, high-tech tracking sight with light and a removable loading trays for 20 discs so that you get an even faster actionlek.
That version doesn’t specifically state anything about a new shield, but it’s more expensive then the other Nitron listed.


5 thoughts on “Webhallen.com reveals possible Nerf Snapfire 8, Pyragon, & Nitron Shield Release Dates”

  1. I find this info misleading and hard to believe, especially since the kid, whose dad works at hasbro, said the pyragon wasn’t going to be released until August. I believe him more because he actually has the pyragon now.


    1. Well in the Pyragon description it does say: Price, image, product description and release date are preliminary and are subject to change.”

      and like the title I put on the post is “possible”. Thanks for the comment though I didn’t notice that the kid said August


  2. I think that the Nitron with the shield is different than the refreshed Nitron. I bet that the real refreshed Nitron probably is White and Red, like the Pyragon. If so, Nerf really needs to stop making all their blasters white. (Whiteout, Super Soaker, and now this?)


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