The Nerf Jolt EX-1 Basic Nerf Review (Write Up)

Thanks to SG Nerf for the photo

It’s a pint sized pack-a-punch, what more can you say? Even though the blaster is small, this review won’t be short on words. Is this blaster actually combat reliable? How much does it cost, and what does it have to do with the Longshot and Stampede? Keep reading to find out!

Thanks again to Nerf for providing me with this blaster.

The Jolt is a very easy to use blaster. Simply pull down on the gray priming handle at the bottom, insert a dart, and pull the trigger to fire. Ranges are about 25-30 feet, with a noticeable dart speed. It’s a direct plungered system, and the last Nerf blasters to use those were the Stampede and Longshot. In addition to that, the nice barrel fit allows the dart to get a nice seal and get the most out of the blaster’s power. Leaving darts in the blaster will deform them sooner then later, so be sure to take them out as soon as your done playing with this.

I used this amongst friendly Nerf Wars, and I must say this is surprisingly combat worthy. A big part of this is because of it’s ease of use. I also find reloading this easier then many front loading/single shot blasters. The reason for that is since it’s smaller then many of those blasters, the loading spot is very close to find finger and hand, even more so then the Nite Finder. This relates to faster reloads, at a potentially higher rate of fire, at least in my case. At the end of the day, it’s only a single shot blaster, so keep that in mind. It can use any darts, but you get more accuracy and a tighter grouping with Dart Tag or Whistler darts. The blasters small size may bother some people’s hands during use, but the majority of casual useres out there shouldn’t find trouble with it.

People often compare this to the Noisy Cricket from Men in Black. A more realistic, Nerf counterpart would be the Nite Finder EX-3. Both are single shot, easy to prime, and easy to find. The difference here is their sizing and price. The Nite Finder is about double the size of the Jolt, and it’s $10 price tag is double the Jolt’s $5. Both are great performing, easy to use blasters. The difference is that the Nite Finder has more mod potential, while the Jolt doesn’t really have any room for that.

This blaster is a great introduction for people unfamiliar to Nerf or for the casual people who want to have fun without breaking their pockets open. At same time it performs well in battle for it’s ease of use, high ranges, comfortable design for most. The great price also gives points into the score. I give this blaster a 7.8/10 based on those factors.


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