Campaign to Camarillo 2012: Step 3 – Lets GoPro, Man


One step at a time right? I was very fortunate and blessed to get this. I was planning on buying this in stores for the $300 price, so I borrowed $200 (he later asked for $60 back) from a friend and planned to pay him back. I held off on buying this for a bit, and then while checking craigslist I find a listing thats selling it for $250. I managed to talk him down to $240 (20% off the regular price) since I had to drive about 40 minutes to meet him and I had $240 in even bills. I meet the guy, buy the camera, and call up my friend. He says don’t worry about paying him back the money, and to consider it a late birthday present. I was only paying $100 of my dollars for the camera, plus his money. Since the debt is excused, I pretty much only paid $100 for it. When life is working for you, it’s a sweet, sweet thing.

Gotta love the wide angle view.

Trying to get the right angle for battle. And a peak at my messy room. The only thing I don’t like about it is that you kinda look like a goober with it on. Oh well, thats the price for good footage.

Get a little bit more comfortable with my blaster of choice for this game, the Rayven.
Work on Cardo, at least 3 times a week, for 25-30 minutes each.
Start collecting and counting bad socks.
Learn how to roll them up, if there is a proper technique.
Finishing reading the Art of War.
Get Spectre barrel from other storage site.
Invite, and in some cases convince, friends to go.
Modify or improve Nerf Tac Vest and/or drop pouch loadout.
Sort good darts from bad darts. W & T Streamlines for the win, remember?
Possibly get different containers for good and bad darts?
Check which 18 dart drum clips rotate well, and which ones don’t.
Get a feel or find a way to track 18 dart clip usage.
(Most likely) buy GoPro Hero 2 camera and SD card to record footage of game.
Buy stronger voltage batteries, battery converter, case, charger, and multimeter from Chinese store (note to self, allow 3 to 4 weeks 3 to 8 weeks (usually 4) for shipping).


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