Craigslist Deals Take 3: A Stampede, Clips & Straps for $25


Craigslist is a great spot for treasure finds once in awhile. My first deal off the site resulted in a decent buy. And my second trip resulted in a cheaper then store price GoPro Hero2 camera. The above photo is my third deal. I paid $25 for a Stampede ECS, 4 18 dart clips, darts for the clips, the Stampede shield & two slings for $25. Was it a good deal? Lets analyze and find out.

I ended up getting a Bandolier Kit and a Vulcan Strap from the guy

Well first, the guy who sold me the things was in my area. I needed to go out for errands anyways, so I didn’t have to drive far at all. That cuts gas cost out. A Stampede now a days goes for about the reduced price of $30, and this is used. He probably got it for the $50 sale price when it was new. To him it’s worth a little less then $50, but it’s really less then $30. Lets say $25 for the blaster, 3 clips, and shield since their used. The Bandolier Kit is $15 in stores with two clips and 24 darts, but it didn’t come with those things. So the cost on that is dropped to about $5 I would say. Next is the Vulcan strap, which is pretty much like a throw in. I wasn’t expecting to get it though, since he only mentioned one when we were making a deal.

The real deal seems to be the extra 18 dart clip, which again, I had no clue that he was throwing in. Most of the decently priced ones seem to be going for $15 to $20 on ebay. Thats including shipping as well. So all in all,

Stampede, Shield, 3 18 Dart Clips, and darts = $25
Bandolier = $5
Vulcan Strap = $3
Extra 18 Dart Clip = $15

Total = $48 worth of stuff for $25. Not bad I must say. I got almost double my moneys worth. Do you agree with my money value logic? Have general thoughts on this? Feel free to leave a comment!


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