Fresno Man turns Super Soaker Into Shotgun

Whoa, what? reported this a couple hours ago.

Silly fun turned into serious gun when Fresno, Calif., police arrested a 54-year-old man on Saturday after discovering that he had turned a “Super Soaker” water gun slung around his neck into a real, working shotgun. “He took the Super Soaker apart [and] was able to fashion a barrel to where he was able to make what’s considered a zip gun, where you can fire one round through it. In this case it was a 20 gauge shotgun shell,” police Sgt. Mark Hudson said. The man was arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm, among other charges. The toy’s transformation probably cost only about $30, one gun expert estimated. Super scary.

Pretty trippy, but he must have replace or really changed the internals. And after that point, it’s not really a Super Soaker anymore.


3 thoughts on “Fresno Man turns Super Soaker Into Shotgun”

  1. Honestly, we should consider our community lucky that this doesn’t happen more often. I mean, its one thing to turn a gun into a Tesla Coil (for science!) and another to pull this off.


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