Introducing: Nerf Blasters and Accessories

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My newest affiliate has been blogging since January 2011, and we’ve both take an eye to each other’s blog. It’s actually run by two authors, p13c30fch33s3 & Nerffan, and both live in Australia. They do lots of quality reviews and usage tips for their blasters. It’s filled with A LOT of Nerf info, and theres even stuff I haven’t check out there myself. So be sure to check out Nerf Blasters and Accessories soon!


One thought on “Introducing: Nerf Blasters and Accessories”

  1. I love your blog! In fact, you, and several others inspired me to make my own- Modern Nerf. In fact, we’re nearing my first anniversary now, and we’ve noticed that we’re somewhat lonely. I would appreciate it if you became our first affiliate before our anniversary- July 28th. As of now, though, I’m still pretty young and learning English. In middle school. Also, I’m still learning the photo sharing, video recording, background design and so much more, but I’m told I’m great at proving problematic points and creating educated guesses- I guessed about the Sonic Stampede and I was correct. So… I basically deduct possibilities from Nerf’s newest and sometimes unannounced blasters, something that I haven’t seen necessarily in other blogs. Did I pass the Basic Nerf interview?


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