Meet Lonnie Johnson, the Super Soaker Inventor (Video)

The Super Soaker ® was invented in 1988 under the original name of the “Power Drencher” and a whole new era of power water squirters began. Invented by Lonnie Johnson, an Aerospace Engineer from Los Angeles, California, the Power Drencher was the first water blaster to incorporate air pressure into its design. Three years later in 1991 when Johnson received his patent, the Power Drencher was renamed “Super Soaker” and a nation-wide advertising campaign was launched.

Amazing stuff. And hes from LA as well, West Coast all day baby.


One thought on “Meet Lonnie Johnson, the Super Soaker Inventor (Video)”

  1. I’m always wanted to see an interview with him.

    Lonnie Johnson has been one of my heroes for a while now. He’s a true renaissance man, and I hope his solar-based alternative energy projects are doing well.

    But honestly I’d just like to shake his hand and thank him for shaping much of my childhood. The Super Soaker 50 was the first Super Soaker I got when I was something like five years old. I missed it enough that I invested in a used one on eBay a couple months ago. Still works and is currently displayed on a wall with an XP90 Pulse Fire, a CPS1000 and a CPS2000 in my friends basement.

    And yes, its still used for wars, and man does it fire forever…


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