Brunei Army Day 2012 MilSim Scrimmage (Video)

It’s the BruMilSim group & Mercs squaring off in their Nerf booth for Army Day 2012. This happens in the state of Brunei btw. I’m surprised they went with Vortex blasters, thought they would have gone with some more, modded, but something tells me that it’s a stock Nerf War.


17 thoughts on “Brunei Army Day 2012 MilSim Scrimmage (Video)”

  1. Wow..On behalf of the Bru M.S.C. (Mil Sim Cosplay) we thank you for posting this up on the web. Yes, we were using stock Vortex against a team with high mods in N-Strike. We have reasons why we use Vortex instead of high mod Nerfs. And we also won quite a lot of games with stock Vortex in Nerfwars. It comes to show that the ultimate weapon for a soldier is not the tools that has been given to him/her but the mind and teamwork. :)


  2. nah its all blaster mod.the mercs using modded blaster. reason BruMilSim use vortex coz of the clips can fit well in there vest and carry 10 round.also they can do speed load.its much more smooth then N-strike blaster clips.

    here some video


  3. No problem guys, keep up your hard work over there. I’m sure more people then just me appreciate it. Feel free to send your video to me via email, Milsim stuff is very interesting, and I haven’t really seen it practiced with Nerf before.

    That other reloading video you posted was very cool as well, I like how one of your men held the used up clip while reloading, and reloaded with the clip still in his hand. I’m gonna be playing in a Humans vs. Zombies game next month, and I feel like I should dedicate some time to getting smooth reloads like you guys.


  4. that’s me doing the tactical reload.. use when you want to fill up ammo with out trowing your clips that still have ammo in it


  5. well we used to use N-strike..its good but due to hard to fit in our pouch and only carry 6 round.its a disadvantage for my vest can carry 4 ammo clips.if i use N-strike mean i only carry 30 round of darts plus the one in the gun..

    vortex is easy to put in our mag pouch in and out as you can see in the video.and it carry 10 round per clips. so now im carrying like 50 round plus the gun.i can stay in the nerf battle compare to the N-strike.some say its not enough 50 round..but we sometime have ammo guy carry bag or vortex clips and disk and some of us can carry 8 clips with a proper vest slots.:)

    so far vortex is the most suit weapon for milsim player because of the clips reload and disk it can carry :)


  6. That makes sense. I use an airsoft chest rig and can hold 18 dart clips just fine. The main ammo pockets can hold 2 each, for a total of 6.

    Plus, my friends like my Vortex blasters a lot and always want to use them in Nerf Wars haha.


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