The Bro-tential Dynasty (HvZ Video)

In the Fall of 2010, a dynasty was born. Wanting to relive their high school glory days of shoving nerds into lockers and taking lunch money, the biggest douche bags to ever roam the Oval at BroSU came together and formed the greatest faction to ever bless Humans vs Zombies. Bro-tential was met with much jealousy and dripping desire from men and women alike, but they stayed focused and were declared winners by the organizers themselves.

Now it’s the Spring 2012 game and Bro-tential returns to once again prove that no one can come close to touching their talent, good looks, or asshole tendencies. Met with totes jelly hatred once again, can Bro-tential win a consecutive victory? This is their legend, known to every HvZ player in all of Brohio.

Coming off their Spring game victory, Bro-tential now sets their sights on an unprecedented 3rd straight consecutive victory and their first ever victory as humans. But this game is different. The odds are stacked higher than ever against our beloved heroes over an action packed 5 days. The head organizer, Paul, whom we called our friend, plots against Bro-tential to bring about their downfall for his own personal entertainment. Will Bro-tential overcome his betrayal and prove their dominance once again?

Are these guys really the douches they seem to be? Check out the videos and find out! I gotta say it’s very entertaining.


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