Foam From Above gets their N-Strike Elite Press Kit

Fellow affiliate Vas the Stampede gets his N-Strike Elite press kit in the mail. I’ll probably get mine tomorrow. What I’m very excited for, besides the Retaliator & Rampage, is the clear 18 dart clip include. The leaks didn’t reveal this. These are looking like these will be sold in stores. The clear build will allow users to look and see how many darts they have left, which will help in Nerf Wars of all sorts. They’ll also have be having a release party in New York, similar to how the ones they did for the Stampede & Vortex Series parties. I won’t be able to go to it though, I’m only 20, and do not meet the USA legal drinking age of 21. Stay tuned to his blog and mine for more info.


16 thoughts on “Foam From Above gets their N-Strike Elite Press Kit”

  1. 18 Round clip for sale?

    Well, I’m bought… again. I’m probably going to just empty stores out of those once they show up.


  2. @Newfoundking222 Kind of link a reviewer on Youtube. It’s more like big Nerf sites and youtube channels that get a lot of views.

    Foam From Above is a sight thats based off in Chicago, Illinois in the USA.


      1. Yeah….no free stuff excePt when things on promo….nowadays?there are lesser nerf events here and no one here has yet to receive any free stuff other than winning them in competition…


      2. Yeah but he does not mention anything about free stuff…..And SG nerf is only made up from himself…..I do comment there most of the time under my real name,benjemyn Lin


    1. You can’t buy the kit together, it only came as a kit because Nerf sent it to bloggers that way. You can buy most of the things in the kit separately at any store that sells Nerf guns (i.e. Target, Walmart, Toys-R-Us). You could also buy them off the internet if you search around.


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