Announcement: I may have received faulty N-Strike Elite Blasters

It’s a “dud”, get it?

After getting underwhelming ranges in my N-Strike Elite blaster range tests, I asked Foam From above what his ranges were. He and Rogue1283 (co-owner of Nerf Revolution, he also received the package) said they get 50-60 constantly with their blasters when fired from shoulder height, parallel to the ground. I did the same thing with both the Retaliator & Rampage, fired at least 30 Elite darts between the two, and only got past 50 feet a couple of times.

I’ve taken down the Retaliator range test video that I put up on my channel, and I’ll be re-doing the range tests tomorrow, including measuring angled ranges. If I still can’t hit 50-60 feet constantly, or find it hard to reach 75 feet, I’ll have to talk to Nerf to see whats up with this.


10 thoughts on “Announcement: I may have received faulty N-Strike Elite Blasters”

    1. I’m 5 feet, 10 inches tall. I’d say thats the average height for a male adult in America. How much more taller then that would they have to be for their blasters to go their reported distances?


      1. I think it’s about 2 feet and 11 inches. So either they’re 8’9″ or they’ve got better quality blasters.

        I’m pretty sure that Nerf doesn’t use giants to test the ranges of foam dart blasters that are ostensibly for children. Maybe 60% sure.


    1. Doubts, doubts… i have an hipotesys… 15mt=49,2125984 right? So far 50 feet. You get that ranges, 50 feet in average… remember the other Nerf advertisement? It said 15mt of range! Maybe they have given you the blasters with the ranges of the 15meters ad.


  1. You probably got the 15m versions of the elite blasters. Maybe you are located in a region where fired projectiles have a limited firing range?(Australia)


    1. @daffon01 & @Reneiver

      That would make sense, if I lived in a country that was getting the lower ranged blasters. But I live in the USA, so I should be getting full ranges right? I’m guessing they either shipped me the lower ranged blasters on accident, or I got duds of some sort.


  2. You probably did proper flat parallel-to-ground ranges… i’ve seen the other bloggers videos and they both did slightly angled range tests, hence the difference. it always happens. You just happen to be testing more realistically. :)


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