Comparing the N-Strike & N-Strike Elite Blasters (Photos)

On top is the N-Strike Recon CS-6, on the bottom is the N-Strike Elite Retaliator.

Sorry for the first two blurry photos. I was in a hurry to leave my main blaster storage and I only discovered a better setting for the last photo.

Swapping the parts, it looks quite funny doesn’t it?
Man, the blue and yellow mix looks quite ugly. Just, ugly.

The N-Strike Rampage is at the top, while N-Strike Raider CS-35 is on the bottom.

Theres a couple of subtle cosmetic changes on the Rampage. First, the Rampage as a whole blaster looks smaller then the Raider, or is it just me? The handle of the and stock addition area are a darker gray then the Raider. The area below the magwell on the Rampage has gray, while the same area on the Raider does not. The Rampage handle has a darker gray area, while the Raider’s is lighter. Finally, the Rampage’s colors are accented with white and gray.

3 thoughts on “Comparing the N-Strike & N-Strike Elite Blasters (Photos)”

  1. These blasters remind me of writing term papers. You make something that you think is rather good, and then let your peers review and critique it. Then you LISTEN to the critiques and improve the paper. That’s exactly what Nerf has done with these blasters. They listened to us and now we have these great blasters to have fun with. Way to go Nerf. ;)


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