Nerf shuts down their Youtube Channel, changes to come? (Photo)


Strange news today, my affiliate Shining Foam let me know recently that Nerf has taken down their official Youtube channel. Check it for yourself. I can only think of a couple reasons as to why they would do this.

1. Their going to start a new channel. I’m not sure why they would do this, possibly to promote their new N-Strike Elite line, but I’m sure many wouldn’t mind seeing that stuff on their channel.
2. To change their current channel. While their programmers/designers work on new html code for a background, Nerf decided to take down their channel. Again, I don’t think this really necessary.
3. It was hacked.
4. It was an accident. I highly doubt this, because I’m sure if it was an accident, it would be correctly almost immediately. I have seen channels come back from bans and deletions before.
5. (Insert your own theory here.)

So lets wait and see what happens. If your on Facebook, feel free to leave them a message about it there. Do any of you have your own theories? Post them here!

6/21/12 EDIT: Yesterday, Nerf took to their Facebook and responded. As of 12 PM PST, their channel still isn’t up.

6/28/12 EDIT: The channel is back! See it here for proof.



4 thoughts on “Nerf shuts down their Youtube Channel, changes to come? (Photo)”

  1. I just saw this comment by Nerf on their Facebook page, saying it would be back “before tomorrow”. It was posted yesterday, but the YouTube channel is still down.


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