Adult Fans of Nerf N-Strike Elite Party Photo Coverage

The Hail Fire equipped with hand grip, lookin’ pretty awesome!!

Adult Fans of Nerf was one of the groups invited to the N-Strike Elite Party last night, and they took some photos that are now up on their Facebook album to check out. I’ll also embed them below for those who want to view it here.

This years event was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC.

What’s that I see? Could that be a Pyragon? I think it might be :-)

More stuff on the fence of Nerf.

Now there’s stuff on crates.

And on a manikin! Nerf is expanding their clothing line, mostly for kids is seems.

Nerf alarm clock! Shoot to snooze? Yes PLEASE! Take THAT early mornings!

Look at all these expansion packs! We’re going to need more storage for all these darts. In the back you’ll see the new Elite tactical vest.

Everything I tried to photograph with my phone came out blue… But on the plus side, I got these awesome glowey effects on the orange.

The Elite Arena!! This place was a mad house all night. Many darts were flying all over the place. Good times :-)

Mr. K loading his favorite Hail Fire… On the floor… Like a boss?

Mr. K holding his favorite Hail Fire. He was pretty Elite.

Our friend Vaz from Foam From Above decked out in Elite gear. He doesn’t look to happy to get his pic taken, but he’s a good sport. He got me back.

So much fun was had in the Arena that well… It broke.


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