NerfRevolution N-Strike Elite Party Coverage

The Elite Journey, Part 1

Rogue, co-owner of, was invited to the N-Strike Elite party. He has a solid amount of photos and video covering the event, so lets get to it.

Our dope Hotel

The Elite Journey, Part 2,

We snuck in early for a peek….and got kicked out, lol

The Elite Journey, Part 3

Vas doing an interview

The spread….

Firesight line was impressive

The blaster that stole the show…..hands down my favorite—MANY others agreed

The HailFires snazzy clear jam door


The representives from From From Above, Nerf Revolution, Nerf HQ, Adult Fans of Nerf, and Click Click Bamf.

Hang’n with the Hasbro engineers, SUPER cool fellows. There is some outstanding stuff on it’s way!!!!

The Elite Journey, Part 4

Photos from Rogue’s Nerf revolution topic.
Videos from Rogue’s Youtube channel.


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