The Nerf Vortex Ammo Belt Kit

Adult Fans of Nerf sent this news my way earlier today. Nerf is apparently coming out with a belt kit to supplement their Vortex line. Product description below.

Load up big-time for any VORTEX mission with the Ammo Belt Kit! When you strap on this Ammo Belt with its 10-disc magazine, you can stay heavily armed even while you’re on the move. Load the magazine with 10 of the 15 included VORTEX discs and attach it to your Ammo Belt, and you’ll still have room for a second magazine (sold separately)! With all the ammo and firepower you can fit in your Ammo Belt and your blaster in your hand (sold separately), you’ll be ready for any battle situation!

• Ammo Belt Kit lets you carry along lots of extra firepower!
• Belt features clips for 2 magazines!
• Includes 1 magazine and 15 discs!
• Magazine holds 10 discs!
• Load your magazine, then store up to 25 extra discs in the ammo pouch.

According to the link, it will be $15.99, and it will come out in July. Glad Nerf is still supporting the line by release a new accessory just for it.


2 thoughts on “The Nerf Vortex Ammo Belt Kit”

  1. Does the pouch hold darts? If so it would be great for a vortex primary and a dart sidearm.
    Personally I love the concept of the belt, but I think thy should have included more mag holders. I’d love for them to make an N-Strike one because I find a bandolier too clumsy and the vest too large for short, simple wars.


  2. My money… it’s…disappearing…

    This will be a great release for Vortex. Useful and comfortable. Now, like Cheese mentioned, if we can get something like this for N-Strike..


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