Nerf finally announces the N-Strike Elite Stockade

Nerf took to Facebook this morning to announce the N-Strike Elite Stockade. August 1 will be the international release date, while the USA will get It later.

Hey Nation, some of you may have heard about an addition to the N-Strike Elite line, the N-Strike Elite Stockade blaster. Well, the rumors are true, and the N-Strike Elite Stockade blaster will be seen on shelves in some areas of the world on 8.1. Members of Nerf Nation in the US will not see the Stockade blaster in stores….yet, but if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, be sure to share info here. We always aim to bring you the best in new Nerf technology, so keep your eyes peeled for more blasters from the N-Strike Elite line in the future!

The UK Toys R Us website has the blaster listed, but the site is down for maintenance right now.


6 thoughts on “Nerf finally announces the N-Strike Elite Stockade”

  1. Aww… North America’s missing out on this one for a while? Oh well… they probably have a bunch of Barricade stock to go through still. I’m not too disappointed, honestly.

    Urban Taggers, all eyes are going to be on you for this one…


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