The Nerf LED Flashlight, $14.99 at Kmart


Found out about this on The Adult Fans of Nerf forum. But Shining Foam’s post made me remember it again. It looks like one of those licensed accessories, which features the Nerf name, but isn’t made by Hasbro. I haven’t seen these in Kmart myself yet, but then again it’s been a couple of months since I’ve stepped into one. It features a rubberized design and tactical rail capability. Depending on how strong this is, I’m considering picking one up for my night time Nerf games.

But it at

Have any of you readers seen this in stores? Maybe you picked on up already? Leave a comment and tell us how it is!


2 thoughts on “The Nerf LED Flashlight, $14.99 at Kmart”

  1. CAVEAT EMPTOR! Not as pictured or described! i purchased one online at When I got it I was shocked to find this flashlight has no way to attach to a Nerf blaster!
    The picture of it is not real, merely a mock up. $15 for a LED is too much,
    especially when it doesn’t do the one thing you want it to do, stick to a Nerf toy!

    I have posted this around as much as I can to warn other Nerf fans from wasting there money. I’m pretty bummed at this waste, and I’m an adult. Can’t imagine how a kid would feel getting this,


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