The N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire with High Ammo Capacity (Photos)


More pictures going up for everyone. I decided to try out some popular ammo capacity ideas to see if the Hail-Fire would handle it. Above is the Hail-Fire with 8 18 Dart Clips.

A bottom view of it

Theres a couple more photos after the jump, including 18 dart drums and a Raider drum or two, so keep reading to see the rest!

The Firefly Tech clips work just as well.

You can only fit 4 18 Dart drums on the Hail-Fire.

The protruding design blocks the other slots on the Hail-Fire.

Two Raider Drums and a Rampage drum on the Hail-Fire. If I had bigger drums, I would try testing them on this.

Two Raider drums on the Hail-Fire, you could probably fit a 3rd one in here.

11 thoughts on “The N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire with High Ammo Capacity (Photos)”

  1. You could probably fit 4 Raider drums on the Hailfire. Hm….
    And seeing that the Raider drum can hold 37 before damaging darts, 37×4=148 :D
    So there’s absolutely no problem with Firefly Tech clips?
    TBH though the Hailfire looks quite wierd with anything but 6 clips.
    Not that your enemies would care when you carry this 144 capacity beast towards them.


    1. At the HvZ game tomorrow I’ll see if I can borrow some Raider drums for that experiment.

      Yeah no problem with the Firefly Tech clips. I mean their a little close to the other 18s due their battery storage, but you can still take them out just as easy.


  2. I figure you can probably fit two raider drums, two six clips, and four eighteens at max. That’d be pretty rad. Give you a nice 156 (sorry, I’m mathing of the top of my head) dart capacity.


  3. Going by the AFON show, you can only fit two Raider drums into the carousel.

    And speaking of AFON, do you have any flip-clip connectors to test if they fit on the clips in the carousel?


    1. 3 slots, the slot you put it in and both of the slots next to it. That’s why you can only fit two 25-dart drums in 8 slots. 35-dart drums, on the other hand, only take 2 slots so you can fit 4 of them.


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