Camarillo Summer 2012 HvZ Screencaps (Photos)

Boooo, I didn’t get to use the Hail-Fire.

Hey guys, pardon the lack of posts in the last couple of days. Summer School has been keeping me a bit busy, in addition to trying to make a recap post of the game, editing some game footage together, and trying to arrange the screepcaps in the right order. I’ve highlighted a couple of my favorite screencaps from the Facebook album I uploaded. Check them out below! Also without Coop of Click Click Bamf recording video, almost none of the screenshots would have been possible to grab. Thanks Coop!

I laugh at danger XD

Some of the game moderators for the game

Makin our way towards a mission

Protect the president aka turtle

A wide angle shot of some of the playing ground.

Two of the game organizers dressed as rebels, we had to take them out.

Were like the 3 musketeers

Congrats to the game MVP Ferris! My new HvZ hero, I’ve never seen someone so young (16 years old) lead with so much poise and experience before in anything, ever. I gave her the nickname Ferris Bueller, but then it was decided that Ferris Connor was a more appropriate name.

Check out all the 90 screencaps here.


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