Basic Nerf interview with MVP of the Camarillo 2012 Summer HvZ game, Ferris McIntyre

While shooting a video with Click Click Bamf on the Hail-Fire, this small girl asks to use the Hail-Fire. And thats how I met Ferris, a pretty interesting 16 year old who took charge of the leadership roles amongst my group and eventually most of the human force. Ferris the first and only girl, as well as the youngest person in Camarillo game history to win the MVP award. I decided to interview her and try and get to know her more.

Basic Nerf: Why don’t you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

Ferris: Ok well, my name is Ferris McIntyre and I am 16 years old. I go to Rio Mesa High School with my twin sister Natalie. I am pretty average girl with hobbies and am someone who likes to just have fun. In my experience HVZ is a great way to do that.

I’m sure you get a lot of “Ferris Bueller” nicknames? I know that was my first nickname for you haha. Ever see the movie?

Hahaha yes I have many times. And I plan on doing my own version of it for my senior year. Including the car.

Haha oh gosh, be sure to bring Phil and Natalie along for the ride.

Hahaha I will do.

So how does it feel to be the first, and so far only, girl to win the Camarillo HvZ MVP fan award? As far as I know, your the only girl to have won it.

It feels amazing. I have always looked up to the MVP in the game and now that it is me I am very excited to go to more games and get even better at it. To help teach myself and anyone else who would like some help in the game. Being the first girl was just the cherry on top.

Ferris wins the fan MVP award

Welcome to Camarillo history Ferris. Next question.
How long have you been going to the Camarillo HvZ games? When was your first game? How did you hear about the HvZ games going on in Camarillo?

My first game was my freshman year in the fall. A friend came up to me with a flyer and said I neded to try just one game. It was at a small park and the second I got there I just fell in love with it.

Wow, sooo thats 2010 right? And was it the winter or summer game?

Yes. I started as soon as I could and went to every game I could. I only missed the last two days of 2011 summer and the last winter game.

I missed the Winter 2011 game as well, and only went to day 3 of the Summer 2011 game. We just missed each other.

Haha yes we did.

Knowing that you missed those two games. how did you plan for this game?

I planned with some friends by gearing up with a new Rayven. I had one mini game with from friends, and that was about it.

The first thing I thought when I saw you was, “awww snap shes got a silver Rayven. Lets be Rayven buddies!”

Hahaha Exactly! although yours had some attachments on it which would be cool.

We were talking casually earlier, and you mentioned that you didn’t play so well in previous games, but your experience and willingness to lead right at the start of the game grabbed many players attention and votes for MVP, what made this game so different? What made you so willing to lead?


This time I just planned to not take things so seriously. I was even was planning on going on my own for a change, but when I saw that we didn’t have much direction as a group I decided to stay and see if I could help out. We’ll help out and kick some zombie butt!

Haha oh gosh, looking back at it I feel like I would have been on the lost side of things if you weren’t leading.

Hahaha you would have been fine! I am sure of it.

I’d rather have Ferris Connor by my side, then no Ferris at all haha. What else to do you attribute to your success in the Summer 2012 game? coughcoughjasonwasawesomecoughcough

Thank you :) and yes I had great people watching my back the whole game. Hvz is a team sport and I know that if I didn’t have them I would have turned long before lunch.

From left to right, our friend Phil, Ferris, and myself. We called ourselves Panda Squad.

I can definitely agree to that. How much of a leader are you outside of HvZ?

I have always been loud and shared my opinions with people. Outside of HVZ I try to be a leader whenever it is needed. Although I am in a few clubs at school that have this as a main goal.

Could you list a couple of those?

Link crew and peer resource.

Interesting. What did you think about the game organizers missions this game?

The game orginzers were very creative in what we had to do and why. They were also fair in their ideas on tagging and small rules that make a big difference. The only thing I would change is the use of hand weapons.

Finally, what do you have planned for next game? Going for the back to back MVP award perhaps?

I plan on doing the same thing as I do for every game. Just to show up, have a good day and if you get killed go down fighting. Then when you get back up have fun killing some zombies!

Sounds like a solid plan, thanks for your time Ferris!

No problem had fun doing it :)

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