Nerf’s Vortex Pyragon Speed Test (Video)

The guy spits out 40 disks in about 8 seconds, which is about 5 disks a second, or, if my math is correct, 300 disks a minute. I’ve seen the Pyragon fired faster then that though, whats your time Nerf Nation?


5 thoughts on “Nerf’s Vortex Pyragon Speed Test (Video)”

      1. Er, wouldn’t that be 300 per minute?

        Also, the time itself wasn’t that remarkable to me (having already seen the AFoN demo), but watching the swarm of discs sail into the distance was mind-blowing, and reinforces how awesome this would be for HvZ.

        Seriously, there must have been like fifteen discs in the air at any one time. Awesome.


  1. My time for unloading 41 disks is 2.5 secs for about 1000 disks/minute. But you already know that. =P
    My actual slamfiring time is much closer to Nerf’s, I’ve got nothing on Bobololo’s epic slamfiring skills.


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